Caring For Summer Diet

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Caring For Summer Diet
Caring For Summer Diet
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Nutritionist Sylvia Klinger of the Grains Foods Foundation explains how to maintain a healthy diet during the summer holidays, without having a bad time.

How can we maintain a healthy diet during the summer, when we tend to eat more times outside the home?

Summer is perfect for easily emphasizing and improving your eating habits. It is also a time when we meet to eat outside our houses. Here I share with you some suggestions that will help you eat healthy:

Enjoy the conversation, the atmosphere, the music and don't focus on the food: Create a relaxed atmosphere during meals and try to relax and sit at the table instead of eating when you're in a hurry. Do not eat while working, walking, or standing. Try to avoid provocative discussions at the table; instead, it provides pleasant conversations.

Start the day with breakfast: When we skip breakfast, we are more likely to consume more calories, the same calories we should skip, due to a poor decision caused by hunger. If you don't have much time before work, try consuming a drink that is low in calories, but has good vitamins or carbohydrates.

Surround yourself with people who motivate you: Try to spend time with people who inspire a positive attitude, surround yourself with people who support your goals and lifestyle. Make friends with those who also want to improve their health so that they support each other throughout the day. Also remember to take time out for yourself.

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Snacks on the beach: nutritional options to avoid neglecting your diet

Small portions: A good habit is to ask for suitable portions for our body. Moderation is key. Decide how much you are going to eat, even if you think they are serving you more or less than you know you need. Allow time between bites for your body to let you know that you are satisfied. Trust your own instincts. Don't force yourself to finish everything on your plate. Learn to share not only desserts but main dishes. If you have something left over, send it right away to put it in a bag so you can take it home.

Choose a variety of foods: The easiest way to ensure that you have a balanced diet is to have a plate with a variety of colors. This is the easiest way to supply different nutrients. Choose dishes with fruits and vegetables with each meal. Also, eat milk and its products, beans and lean meats, whole grain or enriched breads and cereals and occasionally surprise yourself with a small snack like a soft drink.

What tricks do you recommend to enjoy outdoor meals such as picnics or bbqs without consuming many calories? (such as not eating bread but more meat, or not drinking sodas, but natural juices)

I share with you some tricks that will help you consume fewer calories and enjoy meals outdoors:

Attack hunger, not the bread basket: It is important to stay hydrated. When hunger strikes you, chances are you're dehydrated. A light effervescent drink is a good option to stay hydrated without consuming too many calories. When you eat, eat slowly and savor food. That basket of bread or crisps can supply many calories without realizing it. Also, take time for your body to signal that you are already satisfied.

Avoid or limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages: These provide many calories. Also, after two or three drinks, you won't have much control over everything you are eating. There are options to enjoy time with friends without drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages, choose low calorie drinks or mini size soft drinks.

Exercise: If you know you're going to overeat at a celebration or restaurant, try to burn at least 300 calories before or after your meal. If you're feeling tired or not motivated, try drinking a caffeinated drink before exercising, because caffeine helps you exercise more intensely and for longer. You'll also feel better knowing that you burned the extra calories you're going to eat.

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