15 Things Only Pregnant Women Understand

15 Things Only Pregnant Women Understand
15 Things Only Pregnant Women Understand
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Ah, motherhood, that beautiful period in a woman's life when a life develops inside her, while she prepares to give birth to her precious baby. Regardless of whether it is Christina Aguilera and her second pregnancy or the first baby of any of us, being pregnant fills us with a special strength and power that only those who are capable of giving life receive. But wait! Not everything is rosy and although for each case it is different, this is a very funny list (or not) of 15 things that only a pregnant woman understands:

Extreme bipolarity: Well, not diagnosed by a psychologist, we talk about the feeling of being deeply happy and totally terrified at the same time.

Nausea without a party: The time when the urge to vomit was associated with an incredible night out the day before is a thing of the past. Now the urge to vomit is as normal as the fact of breathing and no, it does not happen only in the morning.

Breast augmentation: Whether you want it or not, suddenly none of your bras will work for you and you have to change your size, probably several times during pregnancy. "Girls" begin to show more and more and never seem to stop.

Suddenly you adore penguins: Or at least you think about them constantly, every time you have to walk and you look exactly like them.

HEAT: The temperature outside is 70, the air conditioning inside is 65 and you can only think of going to Home Depot to buy a fan.

Your new office: Before you spent most of the day sitting in your desk chair, now you spend it in the bathroom, literally every 15 minutes (at night too).

Novelon: The boy from Chipotle made your request wrong and suddenly, without noticing it, you are pouring tears like torrents, convinced that nobody in all of humanity understands you.

Violence: Generally you are a very calm person, but it is natural that your instincts to break the face of a stranger come to life when he comments on how "huge you look".

Wow: The first time you feel your baby move inside you.

Beauty: The definition of "beauty care" is radically altered, after the seventh month you may wonder how you will ever shave your hairy legs again.

Fiber: If you didn't understand the words "fiber" and "constipation," you will.

Knock out: Suddenly you receive "the beating of your life" from within.

Shrinking shoes: And the subsequent denial that what happened is that your feet swelled up.

Uncontrolled urination : Sneezing, coughing, or even the basic act of breathing can end up with some involuntary urine in your underwear.

Love love: Loving someone deeply before knowing him.

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