Most Diets Have Advantages And Disadvantages, Know Them

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Most Diets Have Advantages And Disadvantages, Know Them
Most Diets Have Advantages And Disadvantages, Know Them
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The most famous diets of recent times have health advantages, but there are also certain disadvantages that you should know before starting any of them.

Protein diet

Based on animal proteins, dairy products, beans, nuts and some grains.

• Advantages: “Good for those who are losing muscle mass, like the elderly. But I recommend combining it with vegetable proteins. It will be a low carbohydrate diet, which is also necessary.”

• Disadvantages: “If animal protein is consumed in excess, it becomes a diet high in saturated fat and you may have problems with high cholesterol or protein in the

urine, and you could suffer from dehydration. At first you lose weight, but you

don't keep it long because it is a boring diet, "says Dr. Perdomo.

Carbohydrate diet

Based on cereals, pasta, amino acids and carbohydrates.

• Advantages: "it has a mixture of enough nutrients and will have a lot of fiber".

• Disadvantages: “Perhaps excess carbohydrates would cause people to gain weight. if you only eat rice and beans you will not feel satisfied and you will eat more. Therefore, you must integrate vegetables into your diet."

• “You must control the portions and eat good carbohydrates that are low in glycemic index. For example, no more than a cup of rice per meal, "says Perdomo.

Macrobiotic diet

More than a diet, it is considered a lifestyle derived from Eastern philosophies. once a month, poultry or meat, milk and eggs are eaten.

• “Based on complex or integral carbohydrates (brown rice, oats and whole wheat), it is low in fat, fruits are eaten only once a week and must be seasonal

and local.

marine vegetables and white fish are consumed with the same frequency. It does not include processed or sweet foods, "says the dietitian.

• Advantages: "healthy diet, low in calories, high in vegetables and fiber," he adds.

• Disadvantages: "Strict in fruit consumption and limited in calcium rich products (they are only eaten once a month)".

Vegetarian diet

Lifestyle based on respect for animals. products derived from animals are not ingested. According to Donald Watson, a founding member of the Vegan Society, who proclaims this way of life, it is pure vegetarianism.

• “Vegetables, roots, soy, tofu, breads, grains, fruits and nuts are consumed. combining foods with vitamins such as B12, and paying attention to nutrients, you can achieve a good diet, "says the expert.

• Advantages: "This group is the one that suffers the least heart attacks, since the predisposition to suffer it is minimal."

• Disadvantages: “you must combine food well and know what supplements to take to avoid nutritional deficiency.

For example, learning which ones supply iron or calcium. This diet requires time to prepare

food”, says Perdomo.

• Take nutritional yeast and vitamin B12. Vitamin B 12 deficiency causes anemia. This, in turn, could cause degenerative nerve deficiency and paralysis, he notes.

Mediterranean diet

It comes from 15 countries in the Mediterranean. It is not just a diet but a lifestyle. "Whoever

practices it consumes local products, walks, lives with minimal stress and hardly eats processed foods," reports the also nutrition professor.

• Advantages: “Good for the heart and mind. Even those who follow it do not have Alzheimer's problems. Portions are not measured, but rather the quality of the food. Desserts are fruits and vegetable snacks (or snacks). It includes

yogurt, which is good for the stomach, and plenty of fish, "he details.

• Disadvantages: “If you don't like fish, perhaps you could do the Mediterranean vegetarian diet. you need to buy food and prepare it.”

Organic diet

The products are obviously organic. In other words, they are produced in home gardens, premises or industrial farms, but without the use of chemical substances, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

• Advantages: “A study

found that foods with fewer pesticides have more antioxidants and nutrients.

It is also healthier and better for the environment and for the soil”.

• Disadvantages: “They cost more money, but if people bought more organic products, agriculture would improve [and prices would drop]. if you eat fruits or foods in shell, if you can, buy them organic”, he recommends.

• A study reveals that children who consume organic dairy products will have less eczema. Other research ensures that an organic apple and a regular apple have the same nutritional value.

• Myth: everything organic is dietary. "Calories are calories, not organic," says Perdomo.

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