Running Half A Marathon Is A Unique Experience

Running Half A Marathon Is A Unique Experience
Running Half A Marathon Is A Unique Experience
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On October 19, I had the great fortune to be able to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco with Nike. It was an unforgettable experience in which I was able to learn many things until the big day arrived.

First of all, it should be noted that all the funds obtained through this race were destined for a good cause: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, a foundation that takes care of patients suffering from leukemia and lymphoma and investigates possible treatments. This race has raised more than a few months before, when I was proposed to be part of this appointment for the first time. I did not hesitate for a moment to accept, despite the effort it would take to physically prepare for it.

Through many days of training and miles traveled, I was able to learn that running brings much more to my life than I imagined:

- Running is not boring. It is the ideal time to connect with yourself after a long day. You leave your mind blank and it helps you think and reflect. In fact, I agreed with other girls who ran with me that your mind at that moment surprises you with thoughts that you did not expect!

- You create a healthy routine that your body needs; that is, it hooks you. This is because you feel good, you challenge yourself to improve yourself a little more and you motivate yourself if you see that you have succeeded. You can start with the miles that your body can hold and then gradually go up. Each one better than anyone knows her body.

- There are no barriers. In the more than 25,000 runners that we got together that day I could see several cases that showed me that anyone - at their own pace - can finish a half marathon. A 70-year-old lady was celebrating her birthday while jogging with everyone else, a couple of daughters pushed their mother's wheelchair in turns throughout the tour - and it must be said that San Francisco is a city characterized by its piggyback-, and a young girl injured her ankle but her friends stopped to carry her to the finish line; in this way, all of them together managed to finish and to be able to live this is very beautiful.

- If you manage to carry adequate equipment, running is much easier. Clothing and slippers are a must. For this occasion, Nike provided me with everything I needed to just focus on running and avoid unnecessary distractions. The shoes that I wore and best suited my footprint were the Nike Air Zoom Elite 7, a lightweight model that gives you a quick response, ideal for running with speed.

The excitement and happiness I felt when completing 13.1 miles for the first time is difficult to explain in words; However, I can say that it is a very comforting experience, that helps you to know yourself better and shows you that there are no limits that you cannot reach with the combination of mind and body.

If I did it, you can too! Also … when I got to the finish line, a Tiffanys necklace was waiting for me!

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