Nutrition: 6 Trends That Will Be A 'boom' In

Nutrition: 6 Trends That Will Be A 'boom' In
Nutrition: 6 Trends That Will Be A 'boom' In
Video: Nutrition: 6 Trends That Will Be A 'boom' In
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Like clothing, shoes, hairstyles and accessories, there are also stars of the moment, foods or ingredients that are in vogue for one reason or another in the world of food, either thanks to a good advertising campaign or the discovery or disclosure of almost prodigious properties. A recent example is kale leaves, which have been on all nutritional hit parade charts in recent times. Or the great successes of that great South American revelation known as quinoa. The list is long and includes everything from grains and vegetables to seeds.

In a brief tour of the world of culinary predictions for the coming year, we found some habits and foods that can cause a furor. Here we tell you what are the nutrition trends for 2015:

More fermented foods

Following the recommendations of the experts about its health benefits, Americans will be more inclined to eat foods that favor intestinal bacteria and improve digestive health. For example, Korean cuisine is expected to bring us one of the words of the year: kimchi.

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More importance to the essence than to the appearance

Aiming to reduce food waste, consumers will be more willing to buy "imperfect" fruits and vegetables; that is, with shapes and colors that would not win them a vegetable beauty contest. Our roots will also see more roots that are not very attractive to the eye, but very nutritious and with various flavors, such as turnip and parsnip.

Cannabis cuisine

Beyond banned brownies and potato chips that calm the hunger of smokers, with the legalization of marijuana in several states we will find more relationship of the plant with gastronomy. (Although we advise you to be very careful, when consumed in excess, cannabis can cause attacks of anxiety and disorientation, dizziness, vomiting, tachycardia and a drop in blood pressure).

The end of three meals a day

People born in 1950 and earlier are forecast to continue to adopt the habit of eating small portions throughout the day, rather than traditional breakfasts, lunches, and meals. However, this generation will be much more selective about the quality of their snacks: a complete turn that does not give so much importance to the quantity but to the quality and nutritional value. For snacks, for example, they will look for protein, fiber and Omega 3 to promote bone health.

More smoked products

The demand for smoked foods will increase, in part to add new flavors to other proteins and vegetables. One of the favorites is tomatoes, for which this aroma works very well.

The influence of Generation Z

Those who belong to Generation Z - those born from 1995 to date - have two priorities when it comes to food: simplicity and health. So it is to be expected that there are more and more offers in the markets to prepare simple dishes with fresh and healthy ingredients.

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