3-2-1 New Year, New Life Free Yourself From The Past

3-2-1  New Year, New Life Free Yourself From The Past
3-2-1 New Year, New Life Free Yourself From The Past
Video: 3-2-1  New Year, New Life Free Yourself From The Past
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As the end of the year arrives and the start of a new cycle, it is time to take a moment to reflect on things experienced and future goals. Maybe for other people that day is ordinary, but for you it should mark the beginning of the rest of your life. Something special, something great, something that will define the course of your new goals and ambitions and the wishes that you will see fulfilled. Those things that you will fight from now on to improve your life and your history in this world.

The beginning of something marks the closure or the end of something else. As we reflect on the coming year, then we must reflect on the year we left behind and the circles we have closed to make way for a new cycle, a new life.

We must begin to reflect on the past, giving thanks for the things we have achieved and for the goals we achieved during that year that closes with a flourish on December 31st. We must also try to highlight what our strengths were to achieve those goals and what made us not meet them.

It is at this moment that we realize some mistakes we have made, as well as some things that we should do better in the future to achieve our dreams. This is when a process of self-teaching and discovery of what we learned in the past begins.

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It is time then to take out a pencil and a paper even if it is mental and make a list of what is not convenient for us. Everything with its pros and cons; that is to say, its points in favor and its negative points.

Maybe the job, the car, the wardrobe, the mortgage interest rate, negative friendships, the relationship with your boss, with your family, with your neighbors, the new school, the new company and even the couple relationship They should be evaluated in this list that you are making.

That is the appropriate moment - after reading the points for and against - when you can begin to decide what stays and what leaves your life. It is time to ask yourself the question about what positively composes your environment and your emotions, your well-being as a human being and as a person and what breaks it down or disarranges it.

Once you take into account all these points, you will know if it is necessary to change jobs, clean your wardrobe, make a donation of your shoes, change the car, put a positive attitude with your family, neighbors, boss and partner or change them to improve your quality of life in the year that begins.

Remember that by closing the past and throwing away physical and emotional waste, we open space for new and better things, including peace and inner happiness.

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