Free Yourself From False Friendships

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Free Yourself From False Friendships
Free Yourself From False Friendships
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The adulation, envy, desire for what you've accomplished with your work, fake smile; These are all characteristics of false friendships. These are negative people who affect your life and you are standing in a place with their bad vibes so that you do not continue forward.

If you know someone who meets these characteristics, it is time to stop this and say goodbye to hypocrisy and bad friends. Some will be surprised at your change decisions, but it is advisable to evaluate who we are walking with to progress in life. Don't be afraid and look for people who love you for who you are and not for what you have materially. Surround yourself with positive people, who rejoice at heart for the good things that happen to you.

Here are some points to keep in mind, when you decide that it is time to say goodbye to those false friends:

• The friend who is next to you should not love you just because of what you do or have, the best friends are those without a hidden agenda or secondary interest under the table.

• Give your thoughts space and think about who has been by your side in good times. Then do the same and think about who has stayed by your side in a bad streak and how many of those friendships, who were when you were in good shape, disappeared or could not help you for some reason or other.

• Put things on a scale and think who is in your life selflessly and who shares with you and makes you happy. Think about which of your friends only looks for you when she needs something and when she is fine, she walks away. Analyze how many of these friends would help you if you had a problem or would do their part to make you feel better.

• Many times someone who gives you too much praise could be flattering you and wanting to say otherwise. Sometimes the one who praises you the most is the one who criticizes you the most when you are not present. Be careful of hypocrisy and stay aside

• Reserve your personal life and the most intimate details for your closest friends.

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Fall in love with yourself and raise your self-esteem

Now let's do an exercise:

Think, if you had to choose only five people, who would be in that group of friends? Who could you trust everything with? This includes even the most intimate part of your heart. Who could you trust your life with?

Choose five people, one for each finger of your hand, and think if the information you had was life or death, who could you trust and who could not.

This exercise will help you to be much more selective and will encourage you to identify those friends you can trust, as well as who you will tell your secrets from now on.

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