Hypnosis For Weight Loss: An Increasingly Popular Method

Hypnosis For Weight Loss: An Increasingly Popular Method
Hypnosis For Weight Loss: An Increasingly Popular Method
Video: Hypnosis For Weight Loss: An Increasingly Popular Method
Video: Paul McKenna's weight loss mind techniques that will ‘make you thin’ 2023, February

For many of us, everything that has to do with the mind and the psyche is surrounded by mystery. And perhaps for this reason nobody is indifferent to things as intriguing as hypnosis, that process by which a state of sleep or unconsciousness is reached in which instructions can even be followed. But beyond the image that we have always seen in the pendulum or spiral movies that this practice causes, hypnotism is a true scientific discipline with many applications, such as the effective treatment of memory problems and attention span, smoking, anxiety and pain. In fact, the American Psychological Association defines hypnotism as a therapeutic technique and ensures that it is increasingly used as part of treatment plans. Also, did you know that hypnosis could also help you lose the extra pounds ?

When a person is hypnotized, their attention is focused making them more vulnerable to suggestions, including suggestions for behavioral changes that could lead to weight loss. But the use of hypnotism to combat overweight is still highly controversial and has not yet been officially recognized as a valid method by the medical community. Experts clarify that hypnosis can help you shed a few extra pounds just as part of a plan that also includes diet, exercise, and counseling, but very few studies have evaluated the use of hypnosis for this purpose. There is also no solid scientific evidence to support the hypothesis that it can be used to lose weight as an isolated method. However,there are already many doctors who have incorporated it into their practices for this purpose. Dr. Paul McKenna, a renowned hypnotist, stated on the Dr. Oz show that hypnosis can be lowered twice as much as using just almost all other techniques separately, and he even came up with a 7-day plan to lose weight with help of your method.

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The plan essentially consists of the following:

First day: Control the desire to eat what we like the most.

  • Second day: Stop eating for emotional reasons.
  • Third day: Get away from distractions at mealtime and do not put food in our mouths if we are not hungry.
  • Fourth day: Find something that motivates us to exercise.
  • Fifth day: Do not sabotage ourselves.
  • Sixth day: Nurturing our self-esteem.
  • Seventh day: Practice how to feel more secure about ourselves.

Dr. McKenna says that with these exercises you can reprogram your brain and find healthier ways to lose weight.

If you want to keep informed about it, there are many books and websites dedicated to offering weight loss methods through hypnosis, and there are even applications that could help you or inspire you. However, don't forget about traditional methods. If you have tried to lose weight and you find it extremely difficult or impossible, it is recommended that you go to your doctor for a referral to a specialist and not just focus on hypnotherapy.

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