Why Prepare Food At Home

Why Prepare Food At Home
Why Prepare Food At Home
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Have you ever heard the saying "Full belly, happy heart?". Or the one who says "Love begins with the mouth?"

We live in a world so stressful, where we want everything so fast, that we have forgotten what we really need to live a healthy life: the control of the food we eat.

In the United States, approximately 70% of the population eats away from home, often consuming junk or fast-cooked food. This fact in itself is quite alarming, considering that more than 60% of people have fat and overweight problems.

Fat or obesity leads to health problems like diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis, inflammation of the body and countless other calamities.

The good news is that the health imbalances mentioned above can be cured or alleviated once you start cooking your own food, since when you cook you have control over the three most important ingredients for the perfect nutrition of your body. I call them "the three C's": quality, quantity and seasonings.

When you master the 3 Cs, you control your health and improve your quality of life.

Junk food and restaurant food are generally high in sugar, calories, fat and salt, which negatively influence the body and lead to being overweight, becoming a threat to the heart, since harmful fats can over time cause heart disease.

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Control your weight by choosing the right snacks

On the other hand, when it is you who cooks, you have the choice about the quality of the food you are going to consume. For example, instead of using unhealthy fats like trans fats, you can opt for those that are good for the body like olive oil.

In addition, the food portions that you are served in restaurants are usually very large for one person, which can influence that you consume more than you should or more than what your body really needs. On the other hand, cooking at home, the amount depends on your judgment, and although you eat a little more, the food is fresh and it nourishes your body with vitamins and minerals (which have been lost in processed foods), in addition to keep you full longer.

In your own kitchen, you rule and you know what you are eating. When you choose fresh food, without additives or chemicals, preferably organic, you protect your health and that of your family. You can replace sugars, salt and harmful fats and season your foods with herbs and natural products to season your favorite dishes.

In short, cooking our food at home leads us to a healthier life and, in many cases, unites us to the people we love. Cooking together with our family can be a fun, close-knit and joyous experience.

Preparing food with taste, harmony and good energy is an act of love that your family and friends will enjoy and that will have positive and lasting effects on their lives.

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