How Do You Know If You Are An Immature Girl?

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How Do You Know If You Are An Immature Girl?
How Do You Know If You Are An Immature Girl?

How many times have you heard someone tell you that you are an immature girl for your age?

Chronological age is not synonymous with mental age. People reach maturity at different stages and according to the different circumstances in which they have had to live. Each individual has her own way of working with situations that arise in life. And each circumstance is a separate world for the human psyche and its intellectual and emotional development.

The behavior of a being is equivalent to his personality and maturity is equivalent to life experience. An immature person is a person who has not yet assimilated adult ways of working with the situations that arise in life and still acts from her impulsive emotional side without thinking about the consequences. It is also characterized by being selfish by nature towards their own interests and well-being.

How do you know if you are immature? Several characteristics comprise this state of mind:

1. You complain about nonsense and babysitting.

2. You hope people will please you.

3. Your menu is very limited to just what you like.

4. You always want to get away with it.

5. It bothers you if they don't listen to you.

6. You send text messages without thinking about the consequences.

7. You do not take responsibility for the house or the accounts.

8. You fall in love with any type and get diverted by him.

9. Shoes and wallets are more important than life experience.

10. You spend too much time fixing your hair or thinking about frivolities.

11. You have not decided on a stable career.

12. Gossip frequently.

13. You don't want to be alone.

14. You run to the phone if the boy you like calls you.

15. You put everything that happens to you on social media.

16. You fight with friends over nonsense.

17. You have no guts to say no.

18. You don't manage your own life.

19. You let others do things for you.

20. You live in expectation that everything you do.

21. You don't know how to listen.

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22. Do not accept mistakes or ask for forgiveness.

23. You don't control the mood.

24. You only think about the material.

25. Little respect for other people's things.

26. You laugh at other people.

27. You are not a professional.

28. You think only of yourself and not of others.

29. Extreme jealousy.

30. You look too much in the mirror.

31. Your self-esteem goes like a roller coaster (Emotional Roller Coaster): sometimes super high and sometimes on the

32nd floor. You believe everything they tell you.

33. You don't read books or find out about reality.

34. You eat all the cookies in a package without asking if anyone wants one.

35. You pamper your pets more than your relatives.

36. You have no independence of thought or financial independence.

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