Energy Drinks Heart Attack

Energy Drinks Heart Attack
Energy Drinks Heart Attack
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Video: Teen student dies of caffeine-induced heart attack 2023, February

Energy drinks are all the rage. But we are not talking about drinks such as milk, fruit juices and even beers, which have high nutritional content, or tea or coffee, which combine delicious aromas with a touch of caffeine to stimulate us and help us wake up. The drink energy are nothing but an industrial drink with a long list of substances and excessive caffeine content. Without a doubt, the addiction they cause and the danger they pose to health and life itself are not justified by the temporary increase in energy they cause us. The habit of consuming energy drinks could even lead to a heart attack.

A new report on the case of a 26-year-old Texas boy who suffered a heart attack has concluded that the cause may well have been his habit of drinking such drinks. The young man informed those who treated him that the day of the attack, as he did almost every day, he had consumed 10 energy drinks. According to the case report, the excess may have formed the clot that blocked a vein near the heart and caused the attack. The young man, who in addition to the habit of energy drinks had smoked a pack of cigarettes daily for two years, managed to recover with the help of doctors and assured that he would stop smoking and take energy drinks.

Dr. Rober Ostfeld, director of the Cardiac Wellness Program at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, noted that the experience of a single patient does not demonstrate that there is a cause and effect relationship between abuse of energy drinks and the risk of suffering heart attacks. But Dr. Ostfeld added that there have been other reports of increased heart palpitations due to these drinks and that possibly " energy drinks have a negative impact on blood vessel functions and make clots more likely."

The FDA is conducting research on this topic, and while more studies are needed to confirm the effects of energy drink abuse, as Dr. Ostfeld said well, it cannot be argued that they are a healthy thing.

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Foods you should avoid before sleeping (VIDEO)

If you feel lacking in energy, you can start by sleeping more hours and opting for a diet of whole foods, fruits and vegetables. The website advises us to do the following:

Increase magnesium intake

  • Walk regularly
  • Take a short nap
  • Do not skip breakfast or any other meal
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Drink more water and less alcohol
  • Consume less sugar and more whole foods.
  • Snack healthy things
  • Get a thyroid test

Always remember to consult your doctor about any discomfort or change in your lifestyle.

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