Factors That Help Us Overcome Insomnia

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Factors That Help Us Overcome Insomnia
Factors That Help Us Overcome Insomnia
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Although it has not happened to you, surely you have seen someone with the unmistakable manifestations of a sleepless night: tiredness, bad mood, lack of concentration … and it is that according to the data, every year about 60 million Americans are affected by some disorder of the dream. Rest at night is vital to recover and strengthen, and a night of "bad sleep" can bring unfortunate consequences to our daily routine and performance. A recent study, for example, has revealed that couples tend to argue more about sleep deprivation and scold their children more frequently; Plus, people can lose their wallet or phone more easily than if they were rested and alert.

Insomnia, which affects women to a greater extent, can manifest itself in different ways and in chronic cases may require medical treatment. Dr. Helene Emsellem, neurologist and medical director of the Center for Sleep and Wake Disorders in Chavy Chase, Maryland, and author of the book Snooze… or Lose!, explains that waking up in the middle of the night is one of the different forms of insomnia and occurs in many cases due to physical or emotional stress. “My recommendation is to first try some general strategies to reduce stress, such as exercising during the day and creating a relaxing routine before bed, such as a warm bath, soft music, or even low-intensity yoga or stretching. the upper body to help relax the muscles, "he explains. And he adds: "If the problem persists, it is best to go see the doctor, who can prescribe some medication."

Here are other tips to control some factors that cause or aggravate insomnia so that your body can rest and recover.

1. Wrong hours

Two habits that can undermine nighttime sleep are going to bed every day at a different time and napping during the day. Calculate how many hours you need to sleep to feel good, and taking into account what time you have to get up, set a time to go to bed. Eliminating the nap will make you arrive with more sleep at that moment.

2. Inappropriate environment

Sometimes the cause of insomnia is elementary: you cannot sleep in that place. Too much light or too much noise, too soft or too hard a mattress, too high or too low a temperature. As a first step to get a good sleep, prepare the environment to your liking. Clean, scented sheets can also make a difference.

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3. Be careful with what you consume

In addition to some natural medications and supplements, certain toxic substances can affect sleep. Cut down on cigarettes, caffeine, and alcohol. The latter, contrary to popular belief, does not help you sleep better, quite the contrary.

4. Electronic equipment

Avoid spending too much time in bed before sleeping, using your phone, tablet or any other electronic device. Nor does the TV take place in the bedroom if you want a good sleep. The light emitted by these screens affects us when it comes to falling asleep.

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