5 Things You Should NOT Do If You Are A Vegetarian

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5 Things You Should NOT Do If You Are A Vegetarian
5 Things You Should NOT Do If You Are A Vegetarian
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Do you think that being a vegetarian there are no things you should stop doing?

A diet that limits the consumption of animal protein, whether 100 percent vegan, vegetarian or semi-vegetarian or flexitarian, helps maintain an ideal weight and contributes to improving health.

Celebrities like Brad Pitt, Jennifer López, Jared Leto and Natalie Portman have decided to stop eating meat, but the trend is not left alone in the world of Hollywood; many people make that decision for different reasons. Some do it on principle and others for health reasons. But for other reasons, it has been shown that people who eat less meat, in addition to generally having lower body mass indexes, have better blood sugar levels, better cholesterol levels and less risk of suffering from some types of cancer.

But being a vegetarian doesn't just mean giving up meat, fish, and other animal products. In order not to go out of a bad way to acquire a bigger one, like some vegetarians who hardly eat vegetables, avoid these 5 common mistakes:

Opt for meat created with vegetable protein. Something many people who decide to stop eating meat do is look for similar products that make adaptation more tolerable, such as "meat" created with vegetable protein. But many of these products contain too much sodium, genetically modified foods, high fat content, and other filler ingredients that will make the remedy worse than the disease

  1. Eat refined carbohydrates. All foods made with white flour are vegetarian, but that does not mean they are healthy. Non-wholemeal pasta and bread are a calorie pump that increase sugar and insulin levels. Opt for whole grains and products that contain them. These, like quinoa, oats, and barley, fill more, are processed more slowly by the body, and are also a good source of protein.
  2. Eating large amounts of cheese. Cheese, although it is not properly a vegetarian food and you will have it forbidden if you are vegan, is a resource that those who give up meat resort to in search of protein. But this delicious dairy product is too high in fat, and a single ounce averages about 100 calories. If you concentrate on looking for quality cheeses and exquisite flavor, you will enjoy them more and that is not all, also the prices will help you consume it in moderation.
  3. Drink large portions of smoothies. Sure, they are tasty and very refreshing when the temperature rises, but fruit, vegetable and protein smoothies can add large amounts of calories to your diet and some of them contain more sugar than a chocolate bar.
  4. Forget the benefits of protein-laden vegetables and legumes. Don't neglect your protein intake, but fill your plate with vegetables rich in that nutrient, such as nuts and seeds. Lentils, chickpeas, and other beans are a great choice, and they're very versatile when it comes to making veggie burgers.

The most advisable thing is that you inform yourself well and consult your doctor if you are going to make any change in your diet or in your lifestyle.

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