Vaginal Douches And Tampons

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Vaginal Douches And Tampons
Vaginal Douches And Tampons
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The fact that they are manufactured to protect us does not exempt them from creating dangers in our vagina. It is not a secret that private parts require careful cleaning, for which we resort to intimate hygiene products. But, did you know that some of them generate infections, muscle pain and diarrhea, among others?

Precisely, with respect to this topic, the Women's Health Information Center of the United States Department of Health and Human Services made a call to the female population regarding some care that must be taken in the period of menstruation.

Sanitary pad and tampons

Although each girl decides what to wear these days, a towel or tampon, they should always be alert to frequent changes if they use a sanitary pad. If, on the other hand, they favor tampons, they must be replaced every 4 hours. A very important tip is to use tampons according to the amount of flow. If this recommendation is not followed, we could be at risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

This disease is proven to be rare, but could lead to death. According to specialists, the use of any tampon is more dangerous than sanitary napkins and indicate that girls under 30 are at greater risk of contracting it.

In order not to be another victim of TSS, it is advisable not to use tampons or alternate them with towels during menstruation.

There are several symptoms that alert the patient. These are: high fever, muscle aches, diarrhea, sunburn-like rash, dizziness, red eyes and sore throat.

Vaginal douche

In any case, the vaginal shower has to be very superficial, never an internal wash or vaginal shower. Believe it or not, if you "sin" in doing it you will rather be causing a problem because the cervical mucus is in charge of cleaning that area naturally. The only parts where we should focus our effort is on the vulva, lips and clitoris, nothing else.

Even gynecologists do not recommend these products because they change the vaginal pH; that is to say, far from avoiding infections and bad smells, they will provoke them. Worst of all, these infections spread through the reproductive system and could even create infertility or problems during pregnancy.

Other recommendations on genital care

1. Experts advise that when waxing, you have to leave some hair near the clitoris and urethra, to protect them from bacteria. If you use laser, other than CO2.

2. The use of intimate protectors does not deprive you of vaginal infections.

3. It is difficult to contract an illness from going to a public toilet.

4. Friction in a sexual relationship causes discomfort in the vagina; therefore, after this, we must urinate to remove the waste.

5. To clean the vagina, doctors recommend liquid soap. If you use it on a bar, it can generate irritation. The intimate cleaning of every woman is daily during all phases and most importantly, external.

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