5 Things You Can Find In Your Bed That Affect Your Health

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5 Things You Can Find In Your Bed That Affect Your Health
5 Things You Can Find In Your Bed That Affect Your Health
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Do you really know what lies between your bedding?

After a long day at work, nothing compares to the pleasant feeling of taking a bath and lying down in bed to rest. Clean and fragrant sheets and a comfortable mattress to recharge your batteries complete the picture. But, what if we told you that, in addition to your boyfriend, there may be other "companions" who enjoy your bed as much as you do? So much so that they live in it. As you hear it. Find out who or what these intruders are that are hidden between your sheets and why they can be harmful to your health:

1. Bedbugs: Few animals are as repulsive and feared as bedbugs. These insects mainly inhabit mattresses and feed on our blood. The bites are unpleasant and the blood stains on the sheets are a sign of possible infestation. Although bedbugs do not transmit disease, they can cause infections. Find out here what you can do to eliminate them.

Lice: These are other of your "roommates". They are associated with a lack of cleanliness and overcrowding, but few people save themselves from them, even if they wash their heads frequently. Let moms with school-age children say so! Lice causes intense itching, and although neither head nor pubic lice transmit disease, body lice do

Parasites: Are you one of those who sleeps with your pet ? Dogs and cats can be carriers of parasites, bacteria and viruses that “stay” in your bed and can cause diseases, some even fatal. These infections transmitted to people include ringworm, hookworms, nematodes, and cat scratch disease

Dust mites: One of the favorite places for these microscopic animals are rugs, curtains, mattresses and pillows, and one of their exquisite foods … our dandruff and the remains of human skin. Mites are the main culprits of dust allergy and the symptoms they cause are, in most cases, respiratory type: rhinitis and asthma

Finally, something that is not a living being, but no less harmful for it. Many modern materials from which mattresses are made contain toxic gases. When absorbed through the skin, these compounds can cause migraines and neurological disorders

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Other ways to kill these insects

Use lavender or lavender oil: You can put dried lavender under the bed or mattress, or spread lavender oil on the infected area. They will leave, for they hate this smell.

  • Tea tree oil: It has the same effect as lavender. Dilute the oil in water and spray it on the mattress, curtains, sofa or other corner where they can hide.
  • Mint leaves: The stronger the smell, the better. Put them under the cushion or rub them on your skin.
  • Vacuum the conch: Clean your bed with a vacuum cleaner. The suction will take away any insects that inhabit it.
  • Use the clothes dryer: If you dry the towels and bedding at the highest possible temperature, the heat will kill them.

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