Orthorexia: Can Eating Healthy Be Dangerous?

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Orthorexia: Can Eating Healthy Be Dangerous?
Orthorexia: Can Eating Healthy Be Dangerous?
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Do you know what orthorexia consists of?

Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, said that a woman can never be too rich or too thin. But already in our times it is clear that crossing the line and falling below the ideal weight can be very dangerous and end up becoming anorexia, and the examples are abundant among models, celebrities and girls that you probably know. Of course, that does not mean that we stop avoiding being overweight and do not try to eat healthy, much less that our concern about eating healthy is something harmful … as long as it does not go to extremes and become much more.

People who have a sick obsession with healthy eating could suffer from a condition known as orthorexia nervosa, which despite not being recognized as a clinical diagnosis, is a real condition that many suffer from. The term was coined by Dr. Steven Bratman to describe his own fixation on healthy eating that came to do him more harm than good. What begins as the simple purpose of eating healthy becomes a compulsive mania for the purity of food. Unlike people with anorexia, who worry about calories and try to get thinner, orthorexia makes us focus on the quality of what we eat. As a result, people end up depriving themselves of essential nutrients and even become distressed.

If you want to know how obsessed you are with what you put on your plate to the point of being a candidate for orthorexia, take this test by Dr. Bratman.

Do you spend more than three hours a day thinking about your diet?

  • Do you plan meals several days in advance?
  • Do you consider that the nutritional value is more important than the pleasure of eating?
  • Has the quality of your life decreased as the quality of your diet increased?
  • Have you become more demanding of yourself?
  • Have you given up eating foods you liked to eat "good" foods?
  • Is eating outside the house a problem for your diet?
  • Do you feel guilty when you don't follow your diet?
  • Do you feel like everything is under control when you eat healthy

If you answer yes to 4 or 5 questions, you should relax more with your diet. If you answer yes to all questions, you are obsessed with healthy eating.

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Dangers of express diets

How to treat orthorexia

As experts recommend, it is best to seek professional help. And the best option is a doctor who specializes in eating disorders. Part of the treatment is to change the person's approach when considering what is eating healthy and what is not, making them see that basing their self-esteem on the quality of what they eat is irrational and helping them enrich their identity as a person so that See yourself not just as someone who eats healthy food, but as someone who also enjoys the many other aspects of life.

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