Cardio Routines For Weight Loss

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Cardio Routines For Weight Loss
Cardio Routines For Weight Loss
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Do you want to lose weight with a cardio routine?

Anyone of us who is trying to lose weight knows that to achieve the goal you need to eat a healthy diet, but also a good exercise routine. Cardio is an excellent option. Generally these are made up of low and high intensity blocks.

If your goal is to look fantastic, lose weight with these four cardio routines.

1. Cardio with tabata:

A 25 minute tabata cardio routine to perform at home, lose weight and tone our bodies. If you have a little trouble keeping up with the routine, don't worry because you can slow down or do fewer reps. This session is recommended to be done 3 times a week.

2. Intense cardio:

Ten minutes will help you burn calories and speed up your metabolism. This interval routine will make you lose weight faster and show off that physique that you want so much.

3. In the gym:

On the treadmill. Learn how to use it and lose those extra "pounds". It starts with a warm-up and then goes on at different speeds.

4. Lose weight at home:

Dare to leave that sedentary life. Our body asks for movement because as they say: "What does not move, becomes dull." Let's go girls!

Remember that athletics, cycling and swimming also give excellent results when it comes to losing weight.

Learn about other exercises to tone the whole body.

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