Nipples Fun Facts

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Nipples Fun Facts
Nipples Fun Facts
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The nipples are a sensual and erotic part of our body that fulfills very important functions. First of all it serves as a deposit to feed our children, and it is also one of the most sensitive areas when it comes to having sex. What's more, we asked you how much do you know about your nipples?

According to the Alba Breastfeeding Association, 10% of women have flat and inverted nipples. To find out if this area is inverted, just press the areola between the index finger and the thumb

"The plane or normal is visible to the naked eye, while the inverted nipple retracts or hides," says this institution.

For The Coregasm Workout author Debby Herbenick, there are 10 things you should know about nipples.

1. It is the area that appears before other sexual organs such as the vagina, ovaries, testicles and penis.

2. They are classified as flat, small, protractile, retractable or umbilicated.

3. Some women have pink nipples.

4. If a woman decides to have implants, she risks losing sensitivity in the nipples.

5. With pregnancy it can grow and darken.

6. When they suddenly harden and reverse they could be a sign of breast cancer.

7. They rarely secrete fluids, but it can be normal. When it is daily or in excess, a medical review is necessary.

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8. Misplacing a piercing can cause a wound that will take twice as long to heal when compared to a boy.

9. Some people may have up to three nipples. This feature occurs more easily in men than in women. Extra nipples appear on the abdomen, near the chest and even on the feet. Sometimes they are mistaken for a mole.

10. Being an erogenous zone, it causes excitement and orgasms because it connects with the genitals. According to Rutgers University, stimulating them correctly causes both men and women to reach the peak of a sexual relationship.

Recently, the website attitudefem released 5 more facts on this topic.

11. Despite giving us orgasms, they are not the most sensitive part of the breasts. Research indicates that some people feel greater pleasure in the skin around the halo.

12. 99.9% of people have little hairs around their nipples. If you don't see them nice, you can shave or remove them with a tweezer.

13. Long distance marathons or races cause bleeding as a result of sweat and contact with clothing. If you run often, it is advisable to use petroleum jelly or bands to avoid friction.

14. Difficulties in breastfeeding. In some cases, breastfeeding our baby is not so easy because the milk does not flow. Consult more experienced mothers or nurses, sometimes it is more a matter of technique than biology.

15. Being erect does not mean excitement. This happens due to many factors: weather, humidity, friction and even emotion.

And you, what other information do you know about your nipples?

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