Reasons Why You Should Use Intimate Gel

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Reasons Why You Should Use Intimate Gel
Reasons Why You Should Use Intimate Gel
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Some girls may wonder, but what are the benefits of using an intimate gel to care for our vagina?

The intimate or vaginal area is one of the major concerns and point of attention of most women. Its appearance and smell is extremely important to us, because it speaks of how we are.

For being an area that has a more delicate skin than others. In addition, it is exposed to sweat, hormonal changes, bacteria, urine, menstruation residues, tampons, sanitary napkins, semen … among others. And the situation is complicated when we are not careful to choose creams or soaps created for this purpose.

We asked them, how much do they know about vaginal gel?

Vaginal intimate gel is a formula used for daily hygiene. Its soft composition of high tolerance has a high cleaning power that does not affect the bacterial flora and protects the vaginal mucosa of any woman who uses it.

Montse and Carmen, Farmabloggers, offer us 5 reasons for every girl to use the intimate gel for her hygiene habits.

1. Tight clothing: The fashion for skinny pants, leggings, nylon panties and thongs turns out to be very tight for our body. When a girl regularly wears this type of garment, it prevents her intimate area from ventilating due to having so much friction with non-natural fabrics.

2. Little perspiration: The frequent use of garments with materials such as low-cost is terrible for the intimate area because they are almost plastic fibers that do not allow the natural perspiration of our vagina.

3. Dyes: When large companies manufacture the fabrics with which they will make the different outfits for lingerie, bras, thongs, children and cheeks they use dyes that in many cases cause irritation in the users. Their constant contact causes us to experience radical changes that harm us.

4. Compresses or tampons to absorb menstrual bleeding: They have chemicals that damage the vaginal ecosystem.

5. Daily living: The pool, stress and diet unbalance the vaginal flora.

Tips for choosing intimate gel

1. Acid pH gel : The intimate gel must have an acid pH similar to that of the vaginal mucosa. In this way, it contributes so that the flora remains in its natural state.

2. Gel with alkaline pH: This other option is perfect to use only when there is a bacterial infection or candidiasis. The germs of this type of problem need an acidic pH to survive, so the alkaline pH prevents the situation from worsening.

3. Look at the ingredients, as it must not contain dyes or parabens.

4. Possess: Aloe vera, lactic acid and lingonberry.

5. Your container must be of quality with easy opening.

6. Choose the one that has thermal water to regenerate the cells.

7. If the one you use does not affect you, you do not need to change your brand.

How should we wash this area?

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Angélica Illescas, gynecologist and obstetrician at URIAGE and a graduate of the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), advises us:

"When washing our private parts we have to open our lips wide and lather in the external area. Then rinse with enough water, "says the doctor.

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