What Body Odors Say About Your Health

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What Body Odors Say About Your Health
What Body Odors Say About Your Health

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Many animals communicate through smells. Dogs, for example, have a very acute sense of smell and are able to detect very slight changes in our odors that reveal the presence of diseases, including some types of cancer. Researchers have shown, as William Hanson, professor of anesthesiology at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, says that diseases change the proportion of the body's chemicals. These special odor differences can be detected with special devices and diseases can be diagnosed. But you don't have to become a machine or an animal to determine if some of those rare or unpleasant scents your body gives off are normal or cause for concern.

Smell of bread

A thick white discharge from the vagina, smelling of yeast or bread dough, is not pleasant at all. It can be an infection caused by candida, a type of yeast that is naturally present in the vagina. When the natural balance is disrupted due to pregnancy, diabetes, the use of antibiotics, or some other factor, this fungus can lead to infection. In addition to the discharge, you will experience itching and pain due to inflammation.

What to do

Apply for three days an ointment against this fungus (sold without a prescription); But if symptoms persist, go see your doctor.

Strong foot odor

Have your feet ever smelled bad? What causes this unpleasant smell are bacteria that when they come into contact with the air decompose, giving off that unpleasant aroma that reminds us of the smell of cheese. And these bacteria can be produced, among other things, by hormonal changes, nervous disorders, by eating a diet with many saturated fats, or by having fungi.

What to do: If podobromhidrosis, as it is called, is not removed, you should go see a dermatologist or podiatrist.

Fish smell

A fishy bad smell from the vagina, which becomes more intense after sex or after menstruation, is a sign of bacterial vaginosis: when bad bacteria are more numerous than good ones (lactobacilli). You may also notice a gray discharge, feel pain, itching and burning.

What to do

You have to see the doctor for tests. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the most common treatment is oral antibiotics.

Strong urine odors

Urine can also smell unusual. These are some of the causes:

Strong, pungent odor: In addition to some medication or vitamin, or from eating asparagus, this may be a symptom of a urinary infection.

Sweet smell: Possible sign of diabetes.

Bad breath

Often bad breath or halitosis occurs when, due to poor oral hygiene, bacteria in the mouth secrete sulfur compounds. Causes of bad breath also include having an abscess, cavities, gum disease, lung infection, throat infection, or eating foods like garlic and raw onion.

What to do: If bad breath doesn't go away and you don't know the cause, go see your doctor; especially if you also have a cough, fever, or facial pain accompanied by a runny nose, these could be signs of a respiratory infection.

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Garbage smell

If you accidentally forget to remove an object such as a tampon from your vagina, the bacteria will multiply quickly and in a matter of days you will begin to smell a strong smell, like rotten garbage. Although some women also experience discomfort, in most cases the only symptom is the smell.

What to do: If the culprit was a forgotten tampon, visit your doctor after removing it to combat a possible infection.

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