Rules To Lose Weight Without Losing Health

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Rules To Lose Weight Without Losing Health
Rules To Lose Weight Without Losing Health
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Miraculous diets, zero fast food and going to the gym every day are some of your weight loss strategies. Can you lose weight just by following some rules? Nutritionist Ata Pouramini says yes. She gives you 12 rules to follow so that you meet the goal of eliminating those extra kilos

1. Zero hunger: When you are hungry, you prevent your body from receiving the nutrients it needs. This causes weakness in your immune system, osteoporosis and lowers your mental capacity. Do not do it!

2. Less food: You are one of the girls who eats excessively. Avoid it! Eat less and you will see how your body gets used to it.

3. Lots of water: You already know that water is the healthiest liquid for your body. Drink 8 to 10 glasses a day. Apply this rule before breakfast, lunch, dinner, and before bed.

4. Pilates: Yoga and Pilates benefit your health, but also teach you how to breathe properly. If your body has oxygen, you have a better chance of losing weight.

5. An extra hour: Rest an hour more every day. The University of Michigan indicates that if you sleep an hour more a day, you will lose at least 7 kilos per year. You sleep more, you eat less!

6. Slow down: At breakfast, lunch or dinner, slow down; This way you will get satiated faster. You will not need extra food to be satisfied.

7. Soups: Like salads and fruits. If you are bored of eating the same salad every day, here we give you other options. If you are fascinated by soups, there is a variety of them.

8. Keep your records: In a notebook, write down your goals for one month, two, three … Meet them!

9. Sport: At least 3 times a week. Athletics or cycling are super-effective. There are other complete exercises such as zumba, aerobics. Start with a routine every day and you will notice how your body behaves differently. You feel healthier. Your body will thank you!

10. Eat at home: If you prepare your food, they will be healthier. No one will take care of your health like you! Eating healthy salads, fruits and dishes will be achieved only in your kitchen.

11. Gum: Chew gum to avoid nibbles between meal times.

12. Do not remove the fats: If you deprive your body of the fats, it alone will save them again.

13. Speed ​​up your metabolism: Eat at the indicated times, drink enough water and do not let your metabolism stop, much less slow it down.

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If you really want to lose weight, follow these rules given by Dr. Pouramini. Little by little you will see how the results are noticeable in your body and in your clothes. A tip that does not hurt is to visit a specialist, who will assess your health. Remember that your body does not function in the same way as mine.

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