6 Things That Will Surprise You About Skin Cancer

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6 Things That Will Surprise You About Skin Cancer
6 Things That Will Surprise You About Skin Cancer
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Many people believe that Latinos do not have to worry much about skin cancer, thinking that it only affects those who are white and have extremely light skin. And while it is true that this is perhaps not the most abundant biotype among Hispanics, that is no reason not to protect ourselves from this disease.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, an international organization dedicated to the "education, prevention, early detection, and timely treatment of the world's most common cancer," incidence rates of this disease among US Hispanics are reaching extremely high levels. According to new studies, in the past 20 years, melanoma cases among Hispanics have increased by 20%. We all have to take care of ourselves, and one of the reasons for this increase is that people with darker skin do not protect themselves as much with sunscreen as those with lighter skin.

What other wrong idea could you have? Siempre Mujer tells you some truths about skin cancer that might surprise you:

Not only where you get more sun

The sun causes 90% of cancers other than melanoma, but all others are caused by genes or by being overly exposed to x-rays. Skin cancer can also occur where the sun is out. Melanomas, for example, can appear on the genitals, scalp, butt, and between the fingers. In fact, it can manifest itself wherever pigmentation cells exist.

Glass windows don't protect you

It is true that the glass of the car windows or the windows of the house prevents burns because it blocks most UVB rays, but on the other hand it lets in the UVA rays that penetrate more deeply. There are special windows that block almost all UV rays, but you can also use sunscreen when you go out in the car.

Irregular stains are not the only warning

If you see any new pigmented lesions or spots that grow very fast, see your dermatologist. A wart that is bleeding or itchy is also an alarm signal.

It not only affects the skin

Contrary to its name, skin cancer also appears on the lips and eyes, so you must protect them from the sun. Eyes with sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays; the lips, with ointments that have a sun protection factor.

You need sunscreen even if the day is cloudy

As the Skin Cancer Foundation explains, even though the sky is covered in clouds, up to 80% of ultraviolet rays can penetrate them and reach the surface, so the best thing is to apply sunscreen even if you don't see a bright sun.

Tanning beds are not safe

With the summer come light clothes and also the desire of many to wear tanned skin in tune with the time of year. And many people think that tanning beds are a safe method. But, be careful !, those same UVA rays that do us so much damage are the ones used in salons to give skin that beachy color. Just because you don't get them directly from the sun doesn't mean they are safe.

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