Foods That Have Trans Fat And That You Should Avoid

Foods That Have Trans Fat And That You Should Avoid
Foods That Have Trans Fat And That You Should Avoid
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Sure you are aware of the decision made a few weeks ago by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States to ban trans fats in food. Those of us who care about eating healthy could not be happier, as these new regulations will help to continue raising awareness about the importance of eating foods that provide nutrients to our body instead of harming it.

One of the products in which trans fats are found is margarine. A few years ago, butter was thought to be harmful, and although it is actually a nutrient-dense food, many people began to substitute it for margarine. To avoid the high calorie content in butter, they opted for a substitute: a type of margarine that had an identical taste but was made with vegetable oil … However, it was unknown that this product was made with a hydrogenation process to solidify the Oil that converted it to trans fat, according to many experts, simply the worst type of fat that humans can consume.

As studies have shown, trans fatty acids, as this substance is also known, increase bad cholesterol (LDL) and reduce good cholesterol (HDL), increase the risk of heart disease more than any other macronutrient and, last but not least, increase the risk of breast cancer and other types of cancer.

Fortunately, not only is it currently known how harmful these fats are, but it is much easier to know what foods they are in. But we must be very careful because trans fats are everywhere. Even the information on the labels of processed foods, which the FDA requires reporting the presence of trans fat, does not include it as an ingredient if it has less than 0.5 grams per serving. Therefore, you should not consume the products with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

In addition to margarine and pastry fat, the products on this list (and many more) are very likely to find these types of fats:

Baked foods, such as cookies, cakes, and other baked goods.

  • Pre- finished industrial frostings.
  • Many of the products for snacks such as potato chips or popcorn.
  • Almost all fried things, in supermarkets or restaurants.
  • Refrigerated doughs for wheat flour products.
  • Liquid or powdered milk substitute for coffee (creamer).
  • Milkshakes (milkshakes) creamier in restaurants.

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Either way, the goal of trans fat is to make your products last longer, not live longer! It is up to you, as a consumer, to inform yourself, make smart decisions and opt for nutritious foods that give you energy and help you fight diseases and signs of aging. Your body will thank you.

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