Causes Of Your Bad Vaginal Odor

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Causes Of Your Bad Vaginal Odor
Causes Of Your Bad Vaginal Odor
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Did you notice a rare smell in your private parts? It has an explanation.

If you ever detect that your vagina smells like "fish," it is because you have gardnerella vaginalis. "This disease is contracted through sexual transmission or through the use of public toilets," says obstetrician-gynecologist Angélica Illescas.

"Gardnerella vaginalis stays in your body for a long time, so it is necessary that you take adequate treatment to eradicate and prevent the uterine tubes from becoming blocked, because when it comes to getting pregnant it will be more complicated," says the specialist.

The doctor recommends that you carry a correct intimate hygiene, but without excesses as this disease generates inflammation in the vaginal tissues. But how to detect it? If you see a white or grayish vaginal discharge with a bad smell. This is more easily perceived after having sex with your partner. Other symptoms to which you should pay attention are: itching, burning or irritation.

Even if you think douches will lessen that bad smell, you're wrong as these products only increase irritation.

Bad smell: other causes

1. Bacterial vaginosis: Overgrowth of bacteria is the most common among women.

2. Trichomoniasis: It is a sexually transmitted disease. In women, the parts that are infected with this parasite are the vulva and the vagina, while in men it is on the inside of the penis; that is, in the urethra.

70% of infected people have no symptoms, but these may appear 5 to 28 days later. If you are a victim of this parasite, you will begin to detect itching, redness of the genitals, discomfort when urinating and white, yellow or even greenish discharge.

3. Lack of hygiene: There is not much to say! Make sure to wash your genitals well and avoid bad smells.

4. Tampon: Remember that if you use tampons, you should change them every 4 hours. Although this product was made with the idea of ​​facilitating menstruation, you should not forget that it also needs special care, like the use of sanitary napkins.

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Dangers for the vagina: tampons and douches

5. Cervical cancer: Be very careful if you observe bleeding and abnormal vaginal discharge, as well as pain when having sex. If so, you better go see your trusted doctor before it's too late. Your health comes first!

6. Vaginal cancer: This disease is detected if your doctor identifies abnormal cells when you have a Pap test. You will need to have a test called a colposcopy. Learn: More about vaginal cancer.

7. Rectovaginal fissure: It is an abnormal opening between your rectum and your vagina that allows stool to escape into the vagina.

If you are concerned about any vaginal odor that persists over time, you may want to see your trusted GP or gynecologist. Meanwhile, wash your genitals with mild soap and plenty of water every day. Avoid douches and, if possible, tampons. Your vaginal health comes first and you know that you must take care of yourself, because even if you want to be a mother, an infection like this could complicate it for you, as Dr. Illescas indicated.

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