Tips To Create Your Exercise Routines

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Tips To Create Your Exercise Routines
Tips To Create Your Exercise Routines
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If one of your goals is to lose weight, but above all, to carry out physical activity for your health, it is necessary to program an exercise routine according to your needs. Do not make it impossible for you not to have a personal trainer, build your training that includes both aerobic and anaerobic work for better results.

The website offers you some recommendations.

1. If you are one of the women who does little exercise, do not expect to be able to achieve everything in one week. The process is slow, but at a steady pace! Try to start with 30 minutes a week. At two weeks, start with weight lifting sessions in addition to your aerobic sessions.

2. Repetitions of your routines are as important as your exercises. Perform repetitions, with regular breaks of 30 or 40 seconds.

3. Not all exercises are done in the gym. Try going for a run, walking, cycling, swimming …

4. Put on your calendar each of your routines and stick to them. Write down each of the goals you want to achieve.

5. Highly recommended to exercise at least two hours after dinner. You will rest better!

If you need guidelines for cardio, follow this routine.

Strengthen your legs and glutes

It will take you 8 weeks to see results. Get plenty of rest and remember that muscles grow and regenerate during deep sleep.

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