Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

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Benefits Of Walking Barefoot
Benefits Of Walking Barefoot
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After arriving from the office, outing, or personal errand, most girls love to take off their shoes. With the passage of time, you have adopted the habit of not walking without shoes. However, going barefoot connects you to Mother Earth. Did you know that this practice has its benefits?

A publication on the site indicates that therapies such as reflexology and acupuncture affirm that the most important nerve endings are on the soles of the feet. That is, from this area of ​​the body you are able to release tension and unblock emotions that develop illnesses.

The dermatologist Miguel Sánchez assures that walking without shoes for a few hours in a clean and protected environment, such as the interior of your house, has benefits such as: natural perspiration, you rest from high heels and narrow lasts. Walking on fine beach sand massages, relaxes muscles and works as a natural exfoliant.

Of course, the doctor advises you not to neglect them because like the skin on your face they need hydration, cleaning and photoprotection when they are exposed.

How does walking barefoot help you?

1. Reduces back pain and migraine.

2. It is recommended for patients with circulation problems.

3. Decrease stress.

4. It is an excellent treatment for depression and anxiety.

5. It helps you release the accumulated energies.

6. If you walk on cold rocks, it will help you avoid headaches, poor circulation, neck and hand pain.

7. If you suffer from abdominal pain such as ulcers and heartburn, it is an excellent technique.

8. If you do it on freshly fallen snow for no more than 3 minutes, it will stimulate your circulation.

9. When you walk barefoot on wet grass, it will help absorb minerals and energy from the soil. But, it also strengthens your nervous system and heart.

10. When you walk in water, you avoid corns, mold your legs, fight ringworm of the foot or athlete's foot and other infections.

Other benefits

Osteopath Raúl Guzmán says that going barefoot is beneficial if it is done on rigorous, flat surfaces and without lateral inclinations, regardless of the temperature. "Although your foot adapts very well to inclined surfaces, muscle overload can occur in the hip, buttocks, or lumbar spine."

In as much it adds that for the babies it is highly advisable because it contributes to the development of the motor neuronal interconnection and also to recognizing the terrain, better locating itself in space and strengthening its security day by day.

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For his part, Ángel Gonzáles, podiatrist, comments that research has revealed that the floor is not as strong as that of our ancestors.

“Walk barefoot for at least 1 hour a day on natural surfaces. Or maybe you can do Pilates, a exercise that rests on the ground and that soft surface forces you to maintain balance, which strengthens your muscles and ligaments. If you walk with the outer edges of your feet, on the heels and toes, it is also recommended”, the podiatrist ends.

Start your adventure of walking more often without shoes and earn many benefits! Remember that footwear is a product of modernity and not something natural of the human being.

Discover more benefits of walking barefoot in the grass.

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