Tips To Eliminate The Belly (VIDEO)

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Tips To Eliminate The Belly (VIDEO)
Tips To Eliminate The Belly (VIDEO)
Video: Tips To Eliminate The Belly (VIDEO)
Video: Lose Weight Fast | How To Lose Belly Fat | How To Lose Weight Fast 2023, February

You want to wear a dress, bodysuit or blouse close to the body, but your tummy is so "big" that you end up choosing a looser garment to hide those little royitos. Without a doubt, every girl dreams of having a flat abdomen and a marked waist.

Having a fit abdomen is not only a matter of beauty but also health, since nutrition specialists recommend women to be less than 80 centimeters in diameter. If you exceed those measures, they already qualify you as overweight.

In an information published by Salud180 two vital tips are mentioned for you to lower that tummy.

1. Don't skip meals

This is a very common mistake that occurs in anyone. If you think that not having breakfast, lunch or dinner is the solution, you are very wrong. If you stop eating, it will increase your anxiety and you will eat much more. The metabolism must work.

2. Exercises

What is the ideal? Stand in front of a mirror and keep your back straight. Located in that position, it moves the trunk from right to left for a minute and a half. Do 20 repetitions. Also follow this exercise routine.

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