7 Ways Alcohol Damages Your Health

7 Ways Alcohol Damages Your Health
7 Ways Alcohol Damages Your Health
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Video: 7 Ways Alcohol Affects Your Health 2023, February

In this holiday season there is never a shortage of coconuts, rum or beer and, it cannot be denied that in moderation, a glass is great to share pleasant moments with friends or with your partner.

A drink at the right time can help us relax and even become disinhibited and allow us to do things that make us feel a little embarrassed and / or normally we would not do. Even many alcoholic beverages can also be beneficial to health, such as wines and more complex and nutritious types of beers. However, in excess -as happens with almost everything-, alcohol causes many negative effects in our body. This happens both when we drink too much on one occasion, and when we get used to doing it regularly.

Here are some of the ways alcohol consumption can be harmful to health:

The heart

While some studies conclude that moderate consumption protects adults against heart disease, in excess it causes heart disease, arrhythmias, stroke and hypertension.

The liver

The sometimes humorous association of the liver with alcohol is well founded. This organ can be affected by an infinity of problems such as fibrosis, fatty liver and alcoholic hepatitis or its advanced manifestation: cirrhosis.


As a result of alcohol, this organ produces toxins that can cause inflammation of your blood vessels and make digestion difficult.

Immune system

When you mistreat your body, you are damaging its protective capacity. High amounts of alcohol in the body weaken your defenses and make you more prone to disease. Even during the 24 hours after a binge the body has fewer weapons to prevent infection.


High alcohol consumption, even just once, can affect the delicate balance of neutral transmitters in the brain, causing changes in mood and behavior, including depression, memory loss and even seizures.


Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can also increase your risk of many types of cancer, including breast, mouth, esophageal, throat and liver cancer.

Your baby

If you are pregnant, you should know that alcohol can affect the development of the fetus and expose it to a series of disorders that can lead to physical, learning, and behavioral problems, as well as other birth defects.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism explains what is considered a drink and its alcohol content. This, so you know how to measure how much you are drinking. Please note the following:

12 ounces of beer (have about 5% alcohol)

  • 5 ounces of wine (have about 12% alcohol)
  • 1.5 ounces of distilled alcoholic beverages, such as tequila, run, gin, vodka, whiskey (40% alcohol)

Health! and … aside, it is very likely that between the celebrations of this time you will attend the office end of the year party. Keep in mind that although it is a party, you are in a work environment. Drink responsibly and thus neither your health nor your career will be affected.

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