10 Things Saliva Says About Your Health

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10 Things Saliva Says About Your Health
10 Things Saliva Says About Your Health
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What role does saliva play in your body? Saliva is a body fluid made up of water (99%), while the rest is made up of solids, among which proteins or electrolytes stand out.

According to the PropDental portal, one of its functions is to protect the teeth and exclude and eliminate pathogens found in the oral tissue.

One of the particularities that must be taken into account is that the salivary glands secrete approximately 1 liter of saliva daily, especially during the day, since it decreases at night, hence the importance of brushing your teeth before sleeping.

A publication from the iMujer portal explains that saliva also says a lot about your health.

Dry mouth

Have you felt it This is one of the side effects produced by more than 300 medications such as decongestants and antihistamines. When you have that feeling, you will know that saliva production decreased considerably.

2. White and lumpy

You may have an oral infection called candida albicans. According to Medline Plus specialists, this type of mouth fungus is more common in older adults, with HIV, if they are receiving chemotherapy, if they are taking steroids, suffer from diabetes or if dental prostheses do not fit well.

The recommendation will be to visit your trusted doctor to end the infection.

3. Acid saliva

Have you got up in the morning and feel that the taste of your saliva is acidic? This happens because bacteria multiply in the corners and crevices of the teeth. Watch out! because they also erode the mouthparts and cause cavities.

Some of the foods that reduce acidic saliva are red meat and poultry.

4. Abundant saliva

Some women feel increased saliva production and this situation could be a sign that you are pregnant. This happens due to the feeling of nausea or hormonal changes.

5. Bitter spit

It means you have reflux. This happens when acid from the stomach rises to the throat, producing that bitter taste. You will notice bad breath problems and an urge to vomit.

Kisses transmit oral diseases

"When you kiss, saliva washes your mouth and helps flush out the cavity of particles that build up," says a post in the Wellness180 section.

And while kissing offers health benefits, it also transmits disease-causing bacteria such as the following:

6. Cold: It is believed that it is spread by direct contact with the virus. You even get it when you have contact with mucous fluids from an infected person.

7. Glandular fever: It is also known as kissing disease. The virus is transmitted through saliva.

8. Herpes: People are infected when they have direct contact with the virus through a kiss. It is easy to spread because blisters form.

9. Hepatitis B: By kissing the disease is also transmitted; however, infected blood has higher levels of this virus than saliva.

10. Warts: This oral condition is spread through kissing. The most common ones appear on the hands, but the flat-looking ones are located on the face and forehead.

Some of the reasons why you need to see a medical specialist are:-Infection or bleeding. -Pain. -Diabetes or AIDS. -Changes in color or appearance. -Difficulty to eliminate it.

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