5-minute Routine To Eliminate Crotch Sagging (VIDEO)

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5-minute Routine To Eliminate Crotch Sagging (VIDEO)
5-minute Routine To Eliminate Crotch Sagging (VIDEO)
Video: 5-minute Routine To Eliminate Crotch Sagging (VIDEO)
Video: These Groin Stretches WILL Transform Your INNER THIGHS (5 Minute Follow Along) 2023, February

The flaccidity that forms in this area of ​​the body is mainly due to lack of movement or exercise in the muscle, which causes a deficit in tension. It can also appear flaccid in the epidermal tissue and is easier to treat, because with some routines the situation is reversed. Of course, you should know that this process of skin elasticity and its recovery is an arduous process.

One of the ways to stiffen your legs and thighs is to do squats. Lean your back against the wall, and go up and down flexing your knees. You can also stride with weights in your hands. The indicated are four sets of 12 repetitions each.

To help eliminate that "sagging skin," we bring you a 5-minute exercise routine.

We also recommend the movements that Patry Jordan recommends and that you can follow here.

Extra tips

In the portal mejorconsalud.com we find other tips to have better results.

Don't follow drastic slimming diets because they make the fat that is attached to the skin disappear

Avoid exposing yourself to the sun in an extreme way

Say NO to the cigarette

In your healthy diet avoid bad fats and eat more fiber

Follow an aerobic exercise routine at least three times a week for 60 minutes each

Perform swimming, athletics, cycling at least twice a week

Eat plenty of water

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