4 Problem Areas Where We Accumulate Fat

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4 Problem Areas Where We Accumulate Fat
4 Problem Areas Where We Accumulate Fat
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Suddenly, you notice that your hips and bubbles are getting a little wider than normal. Perhaps, in your case, your breasts and back are increasing in volume. You may notice that the abdomen area is more pronounced than the rest of your body. Or, you are really accumulating fat throughout the body. The Vida InstaFit experts published a very interesting column on the ActitudFem portal, in which they expose that the body accumulates fat in four areas.

Yes, all women are different and we store fat in different areas. The lines of your body are not the same as those of your sister or your cousin, nor is your mother.

"To distinguish between the different phenotypes of obesity, they have been mainly classified into four categories (some researchers differ in some). Excess lower body fat, excess upper body fat, excess fat in the abdominal area and uniform excess fat”, the note details.

  1. In the part of the hips, thighs and tummy (lower body fat).

    "It occurs more in women, and can be seen in the thighs, lower abdomen, chaps and bubbles. It is a consequence of a bad diet and being a sedentary person”, highlights the note by Actitud Fem.

  2. On the arms, chest, back (upper body fat).

    Although it is more common among men, women are not exempt from suffering it. Why does this accumulation of fat occur? "It is due to a greater extent to bad eating habits and overeating, it carries a greater risk because fat accumulates around the organs," say experts at Vida InstaFit.

  3. In the abdomen (fat in the abdominal area).

    For what is this? Life InstaFit explains that it could be related “to the high production of cortisol, the stress hormone. Usually these stress levels can only be controlled with treatment by a specialist. " They also recommend that you seek professional help for an expert to deal with this medical problem.

  4. Throughout the body (uniform fat).

    Considered the most common because it is when the body distributes fat. What causes it? We all know the answer. Girls, bad habits like not exercising, eating a diet high in saturated fat, sugar and salt, little water, overeating and stress. If you want to fight it, you need to eat well and exercise.

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30-minute routine to lose weight throughout the body (VIDEO)

Do you want to be healthy and fit?

So, you need to make some changes to achieve it.

1. Eat healthy. Eat a balanced diet that includes vegetables, fish and fruits. Say no to processed foods. " You don't need to diet, better get a nutrition plan," the note highlights.

2. Avoid corn syrup. Read the labels, "since this ingredient is worse than sugar and is the main cause of obesity."

3. Move the body. Exercise yourself "Combining cardio and strength exercises is the key to losing weight and getting rid of fat," says Vida InstaFit.

4. Don't blame the genes. Although it is a factor, it is not necessarily the reason why you accumulate fat in your body.

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