How Worry Is Reflected In The Feet

How Worry Is Reflected In The Feet
How Worry Is Reflected In The Feet
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For some years now in the West and hundreds in the East, our feet have been treated in medical matters with great care, and more so if we speak of what is known as “foot reflexology”. What is it? It is a therapeutic technique based on stimulating a series of points on the feet to produce certain effects on other parts of the body. According to the experts of the method, the application of foot reflexology can help prevent many ailments both physically and psychically. You can tell if a person is moderately balanced by the asymmetry of their feet. Each of them, right and left, has its own points of influence, also called "reflection zones". According to different studies, the shape of the feet is treated in a first analysis:

- Elongated feet: Elongated feet, with thin toes and narrow heels correspond to thoughtful people, who appreciate exclusive things. These people, and always according to this therapy, could be prone to a series of ailments such as gas, anxiety or stress.

-Wide feet: Wide feet with short toes speak of people much more attached to the material. In this case, foot reflexology ensures that they may be more prone to cardiovascular problems or poor circulation.

Feelings and feet: The feelings are also reflected in our organs. Depending on the feelings that we accumulate, some parts of our body could be affected. Let's put some examples:

1- Liver: It is reflected by the feelings of intolerance, anger or anger.

2- Lung: Directly reflected by the feelings of sadness and melancholy.

3- Heart: In this case we see the reflection of boredom or lack of creativity in your life.

4- Stomach: This organ is reflected by feelings of doubt, frustration or skepticism.

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5- Large intestine: If you are a jealous person, this feeling will be reflected in your large intestine.

6- Kidneys: If we are insecure people, who doubt our potentials and do not trust ourselves very much, these feelings will be reflected in our kidneys.

If you resort to foot reflexology, you can obtain a series of benefits such as balancing the systems, improving the quality of sleep, relaxing and activating blood circulation.

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