Gerontophobia: How To Overcome The Fear Of Aging

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Gerontophobia: How To Overcome The Fear Of Aging
Gerontophobia: How To Overcome The Fear Of Aging
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It is a no-brainer to say that time passes for everyone, but what is not obvious for everyone is the quality of that passage of time and especially how each of us assumes it. Has it ever happened to you that you have no desire for your birthday to come, because you simply do not want to continue celebrating your birthday? Well, that feeling taken to the extreme can become a problem and lead to what we call "gerontophobia" or "gerascophobia": the fear of aging. People who suffer from it have real anxiety when they see the effects that the passing of the years has on them.


According to the psychologist Jonathan García, “gerascophobia begins to develop in the mid-thirties, when signs of aging (such as wrinkles) begin to appear. By being aware of these changes, the person suffering from this phobia begins to suffer from an anxiety disorder”.


García himself says that “the symptoms do not differ from the symptoms that appear in other types of phobia. Since gerascophobia is an anxiety disorder, its symptoms are generally irrational fear and anxiety. " In this sense we can find:

Detachment from reality

  • Shaking chills
  • Pain or tightness in the chest
  • Dry mouth
  • Confusion and disorientation
  • Headache

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Overcoming the fear of aging is based on a strong psychological treatment of therapy and self-conviction. According to experts, there are several points that should be reinforced:

Life cycle: Life has stages. Childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. Each one has its good and bad points, they have to learn to get the good out of old age, which of course also has it. Also, feel happy to have been able to enjoy the previous and present stages, many people do not have that fortune.

  • Do not make hasty decisions: “Avoid making any momentous decision during a gerascophobia crisis, as it usually leads to regret. Therefore, it is convenient not to do things that we would not normally do, and even less without thinking about the consequences.”
  • Accept the passage of time: Remember that aging does not depend only on age, youth is on our mind. It is not older who has more wrinkles!
  • Go see a professional: Of course, in a crisis of this nature, what you should do is visit a professional to give them the guidelines to follow.

And remember the quote by Georg Christoph Lichtenberg: "Nothing makes us age faster than the incessant thought that we are getting old."

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