6 Reasons To Stop Using SHOES

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6 Reasons To Stop Using SHOES
6 Reasons To Stop Using SHOES
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When I was young (doesn't mean I'm not anymore), the thought of quitting bras or panties never crossed my mind. Little by little I found privacy and freed myself from the bra, not yet from the panties or thongs. However, I do not rule it out, at least to sleep.

I found an interesting list of reasons why women should stop wearing underwear and decided to share it.

1. Vaginal infections will be a thing of the past

Itching, burning, bad smell, pain when urinating or during sexual intercourse are some of their discomforts. By not wearing panties, you avoid them completely. Your vagina is a moist area that, when it is not breathing, becomes an ideal site for bacteria. That is the explanation of why your gynecologist always tells you: "try to wear cotton underwear" …

Gillian Dean, medical director of the New York Institute for Planned Parenthood, told The Village Voice magazine that there is no scientific research to suggest a direct correlation between not wearing underwear and contracting infections such as bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections..

And what happens if you “accidentally” completely forget it? No one has to know!

2. You sleep freer

So ugly it is to wake up at midnight because your thong is too tight that even left a mark. Sleeping naked improves circulation and relieves abdominal pain. If you are in the privacy of your bed, with your boy, it is worth putting on only your pajamas.

3. A cooler rest

And more if your city is around 28 or 32 degrees. How hot! When I visit my parents, it is very normal that I do not need a sheet to cover me. A light garment and the fan are my greatest allies. Do it you too. The high temperatures suffocate and do not let you sleep, less if you are wrapped in a considerable amount of clothing.

4. You look sexier

This habit is to fulfill it at home. We don't want you to look vulgar! The idea is that you feel sexier and ready to improve your sex life. Give your relationship a boost and tell your boy that you forgot the panties in the closet.

It is proven that lingerie seduces men, but after the romantic moment, go to the bathroom, urinate, clean your private parts and put on your pajamas. Better if it is cotton because this type of fabric absorbs moisture.

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5. When you really need not to use it, you will be used to it

There may come a time when it is necessary not to wear panties. Look at the transparencies that Jennifer López usually uses. One of her last appearances was on her birthday. That day she wore a jumpsuit and clearly it is not wearing underwear. You don't need it either!

6. Less pain

Especially if you are one of the women who, when they take off their clothes, have spring marks on their abdomen or silicone that have some bras. Avoid that discomfort.

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