The Best Yoga Poses For Women

The Best Yoga Poses For Women
The Best Yoga Poses For Women

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Yoga helps strengthen body, mind and spirit. As detailed in Yoga, the Sanskrit word means union. In other words, recovering essential unity with the divine: “If there is another concept that defines the essence of yoga, it is balance. Yoga brings balance to our lives, which is the necessary state so that the physical body and the subtle bodies that the yogic anatomy identifies are free of blockages, diseases and function to their maximum capacities. That balance is also what we seek to feel with vital energy, but with mental serenity, connected with our physical and transcendent being”.

Having these concepts clear, it must be said that there are a number of postures that are very good for women, according to Yoga Journal:

1- Goalkeeper pose: Perfect to stretch the front muscles and open the hips. In addition, we will help strengthen the belly and abdomen.

2- Shoulder stand posture: Stimulates the metabolism, pressing 11 organs. Very good for losing weight.

3- Camel pose : Perfect pose to reduce the discomfort they may have from menstruation. Thanks to her practice an adjustment will be made in her organs.

4- Cat pose: Perfect for stretching the spine and torso. In addition to relaxing.

5- Bridge pose: Helps to alleviate the symptoms of menopause and menstruation. They will work with the spine, hip, belly, chest and neck. Progress will be important.

6- Dolphin pose: Improves digestion by working the belly, hips and back. It is also therapeutic for circulation problems and prevents the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins.

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7- Firefly pose: Improves the sense of balance, tones the belly and abdomen, in addition to strengthening the uterus, arms and wrists.

8- Complete boat pose: Ideal for a more stylized figure. This yoga pose strengthens the abdomen, hip, and spine. It is also very good for high blood pressure problems, menstruation pain, and headaches.

Keep in mind that these postures must be carried out with the follow-up of a specialist who must tutor each practice. If you haven't tried it yet, don't miss out on it. They will notice a change in their lives.

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