The Dangers Of Sugar For Our Health

The Dangers Of Sugar For Our Health
The Dangers Of Sugar For Our Health
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For some time, the benefits or harms of sugar have become one of the most discussed topics in health circles. So, hand in hand with expert nutritionists we will try to resolve any doubts that may arise in this regard. The first thing is to answer a basic question: Is sugar beneficial or harmful to our health?

Experts agree that the issue of sugar is one of the most controversial and complex, so from Zona Diet they first point out a series of data that we believe are important: “In a healthy diet, only 20% of the carbohydrates that We consume daily must come from sugar. Therefore, if we take into account the hidden sugar of foods, in addition to the one that we add on our own to food or beverages, the amount consumed will be well above those recommendations”.

Pros of sugar:

-Energy: Sugar helps us stay awake and thus be able to work more concentrated. What's more, it is one of the ingredients that provides the most energy to our body.

-Development: Sugar is key to tissue development. Moderate consumption during childhood is very important.

-Nervous system: Sugar also nourishes our nervous system and thus prevents alterations.

-Breast milk: Sweet is the first taste we taste of breast milk; What's more, it is the first nutrient that we try, so "it is not harmful", they insist on Esquire.

Cons of sugar:

-Obesity: High consumption of sugar is one of the causes of obesity and being overweight.

-Replaces other foods: Sometimes we do so and act badly, taking into account that we use it as a substitute for other foods to satisfy ourselves.

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-Dental caryds: “All sugars, including the natural ones in fruits, produce cavities, since the bacteria present in the oral cavity transform them into acids that damage tooth enamel. In addition to sugars, other dietary, genetic factors and the lack of oral hygiene are involved in their formation, "nutritionists confirm.

If you have any questions about it, it is best to contact your doctor or nutritionist and inform them about everything you doubt.

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