5 Dangers Of Wearing A Bra You Need To Know

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5 Dangers Of Wearing A Bra You Need To Know
5 Dangers Of Wearing A Bra You Need To Know
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So rich it is to get home and take off your bra! That is freedom! Despite how comfortable you feel when not using it, going outside without it seems inappropriate. However, wearing it has its dangers and you need to know them.

According to a publication in the magazine "Le Journal de Michel Dogna" in the thirties, a study showed that the use of the bra was related to the increase in patients with breast cancer. He even mentions that 3 out of 4 women with this disease usually wear this piece of lingerie, while in the case of those who never wear it, only one in 168 suffers from it. This means that when you use it, you increase the risk of suffering it by 12 times.

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1. Lymphatic circulation: The bra compresses the lymph nodes and channels, the toxins can no longer be eliminated naturally by lymphatic drainage, which causes them to accumulate in the breast and cause cysts, fibrous nodules and cancer tumors.

As if that were not enough, they cause the temperature of your breasts to increase considerably due to the tissue that covers your breasts and the compression to which you subject them.

2. You avoid that natural massage: When you walk, you run and you move, but when you wear it you prevent the lymph from circulating. By interfering with this natural movement, the lymph does not circulate, toxins accumulate and this is when cysts or tumors appear.

In places like Japan and Fiji, women decided to return to traditional underwear where their breasts are "free," after learning that the bra promotes breast cancer. Would you be willing to join her group?

3. Increase the fall: The appearance of this erogenous zone is not the same when you are 20, 30, 40 or over 50 years old. Its elasticity, hardness and firmness are impaired with the arrival of children and age. Precisely the use of this garment according to studies carried out in France, the United States, Japan and Great Britain, unlike what was believed, it increases the fall of the breasts.

The explanation is that Cooper's ligaments and skin muscles, which are the natural support of the chest, stop working, causing them to lose firmness.

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4. Inappropriate use since childhood: You may remember when you were 10, 12 or 13 years old and you noticed how your breasts began to increase. From that moment on, your mom asked you to put on bras or trainers without knowing that this soft fabric garment contributed to them starting to fall, since they did not exercise with your natural movements.

5. The pains disappear: So annoying that it is when a rod from the tops of your bra gets embedded in your skin.

In addition to that discomfort, two British surgeons analyzed a group of patients and determined that after three months of not using it their pain in the breasts had decreased.

To carry out the study, they asked their patients to replace this piece of lingerie with a kind of elastic top or top. At the end of the analysis, none wanted to wear a bra again.

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