Foods That Destroy Your Metabolism And Effects

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Foods That Destroy Your Metabolism And Effects
Foods That Destroy Your Metabolism And Effects
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There are many foods that we incorporate into our daily lives that are much more harmful than you could imagine. So much so, that they affect our good intestinal function, in such a way that we will not do well the digestions with all that that supposes later. According to the experts, “in order not to hinder our metabolism, it is essential that we monitor our diet and avoid all those ingredients that may have negative effects on our body. If possible, we will opt for integral products”.

But what are those foods?

Whole milk: Nutritionists warn that “due to the large amount of fat it contains, it makes you drowsy and takes energy away. Furthermore, it requires more effort to be processed by the digestive system.” The most beneficial thing is to consume low fat or light milk and it is very important that it has been fortified with minerals and vitamins. If not, you can always try coconut or almond milk.

Soft Drinks: In addition to being tremendously addictive, they are full of calories. Opt for water, it will always be the best option!

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Fast food: Think carefully. Fast food is full of saturated fat, trans fat, carbohydrates … None of this is healthy for your metabolism. Refuse outright to resort to this type of food frequently because yes, it is the enemy. And from time to time ?, they will ask themselves. Well, you can remember the saying that "once a year does no harm", but always keep in mind how unhealthy it is.

Fruit juices: What we have found in this regard is very interesting: “They are potentially as bad as consuming a cola or sugary milkshakes. A cup of apple juice contains between 110 kcal and 26 grams of sugar; a cup of soda has 105 kcal and 26 grams of sugar”, as stated by medical researchers at the University of Glasgow.

What are the consequences?

Immune system: One of the most serious consequences of a poor diet is that it affects the immune system; that is, the person in charge of protecting them from diseases. If your body doesn't have the proper defenses, you can't stop them from getting sick.

Sleep problems: If you do not give your body the necessary nutrients, it is more than likely that you will end up having sleep problems and, consequently, of character.

Pregnancies: If you are thinking about getting pregnant, it is essential to have a good diet. Don't forget to always consult specialists.

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