6 Ways To Improve Vaginal Lubrication During Sex

6 Ways To Improve Vaginal Lubrication During Sex
6 Ways To Improve Vaginal Lubrication During Sex

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Vaginal lubrication is sometimes not what we ALL want. I say this from experience! There are days of days, because our body does not behave the same way always. Much depends on the state of mind you are in, for example, menopause is one of the main factors that promote pain or sexual dissatisfaction in any woman. What's more, even if you are not 40 or 50 years old, it leads you to avoid moments of intimacy with your boy. Other causes are vaginitis, stress, or some type of medication you are taking.

And is that vaginal lubrication is an arousal process, it is similar to the erection process of men and what makes the arteries of the genital area open by increasing the bloodstream. Lack of lubrication creates difficulties in sexuality because the excitement was not carried out correctly.

To lubricate sooo much more, follow these tips that we give you.

1. Increase water consumption: Sex is delicious, but it is even more so when everything happens without unforeseen events. The liquid your vagina produces to lubricate itself is made from water. So the first step you should take is to make sure you are getting enough fluids; that is, that your body should receive at least two liters a day. If you are an active girl and that performs physical activity, you should take the forecasts of the case and take twice as much.

2. Caution !: Check the intimate soap you use or wash your clothes with, as they could cause an “allergic” reaction to your skin. Even the material of condoms is also the cause of this feeling of dryness. Before using douches, first consult your gynecologist so that he indicates you what is your best alternative to solve the problem.

3. Include healthy fats: In your diet, such as: olive oil, butter, fresh fruits, seeds, soy, salmon, eggs, milk, chickpeas, corn and lentils. They help the production of estrogens.

Any diet that contains 700 calories of fat a day affects your body, so avoid fast or fatty foods.

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4. Use oil: Contains vitamin E. Store this product on your bedside table or near the bed and before having sex with your boy, rub your vagina, as indicated by Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, professor of Gynecology at the University from Columbia is an extremely effective method. It's worth checking!

5. Use erotic tools: There is a phrase that I really like and that on another occasion I shared here in Siempre Mujer. The American writer JD Salinger said: "The body of a woman is like a violin: it takes a fantastic musician to play it well" … True!

However, in this case it may be that your boy is the best erotic violinist, but vaginitis is "killing" you. Try provocative lingerie, ask her to tell you risque things …

6. Out of stress: Let your worries stay out of the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or wherever they are. Free your mind and stop thinking about what is not important. It is time for you and you. Ask him to give you a massage, take a hot bath, and let your boy do his job. Little by little you will feel the results.

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