Where Stress Builds Up And How To Avoid It

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Where Stress Builds Up And How To Avoid It
Where Stress Builds Up And How To Avoid It
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Would you know how to identify that you are going to suffer stress before it hits you?

One of the big problems that today's population suffers is stress. The disease of the 21st century is called by some, although its beginnings actually correspond with a long time ago: “The term stress was used for the first time during the 16th century, almost as we know it, and comes from the Greek word stringere, which it means causing tension.”

So much pressure is placed on many people at work, in their day to day, that it is inevitable that stress does not appear. The serious thing is that you never know where it will be presented. Anxiety, headaches, stomach … symptoms can be many and not always easy to identify.

First of all, you have to learn to identify it and therefore, through the experts it is convenient to learn to detect it through 3 sentences:

1- “An alarm reaction occurs in response to a stress factor that activates the autonomic nervous system.

2- The resistance phase occurs while the body acclimatizes and adjusts to the stress factor.

3- The fatigue phase: the tension persists for a long time and is combined with other factors that can lead to the disease”.

Stress has been shown to be the trigger for many physical and emotional problems: “headaches, digestive diseases such as ulcers, diarrhea and constipation; nutritional and metabolic; joint and muscle disorders; sexual and gynecological; in addition to being a triggering agent for psychic disorders, which leads to depression. In advanced stages it can even affect the heart”.

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Japanese technique to relieve stress, overcome fear and have more energy

How to avoid or treat it?

- Go to the doctor. It is the first thing they have to do so that the professional tells them what are the guidelines they must follow.

- Take a breather in your life. Whether at a professional or sentimental level, sometimes it is necessary to stop to come back with more force.

- Practice sports. It will be a perfect help and even more if they focus this practice on methods such as yoga, where relaxation and meditation are essential to stretch all the muscles of the body. Working the mind and the physical, that is what is important. As confirmed by different experts, "the main thing is that the activity, sport or training that we carry out is pleasant and does not add more stress to our body."

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