Fitness Challenge: Change Your Body In 48 Hours (VIDEOS)

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Fitness Challenge: Change Your Body In 48 Hours (VIDEOS)
Fitness Challenge: Change Your Body In 48 Hours (VIDEOS)
Video: Fitness Challenge: Change Your Body In 48 Hours (VIDEOS)
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Can you imagine having the possibility to change the appearance of your body in 48 hours? This is precisely the objective of the method that revolutionizes social networks called Challenge 48; But, what is it about?

It is a fitness training technique that you must complete in 48 days and 60 minutes a day, and from the beginning you have to be clear that you cannot miss a day. Discipline is vital.

This discipline is based on effort, perseverance, commitment, sacrifice and teamwork, since it bets on women like you to lead a healthy life that includes exercise. Their routines have been created to increase strength, endurance, power, and fitness.

How is it done?

Okay! Its philosophy is divided into three different fronts, but they are connected to each other: full training, nutritional coach and body technology.

1.Full training: It is pure and hard training during the 48 sessions until completing the eight weeks with freedom to rest on Sundays. It will be like having your own trainer at home and with functional training; that is, you do not require gym machines but you take advantage of the natural movement of your body because it is very similar to CrossFit. You increase aerobic capacity, strength, endurance and best of all, you burn calories.

2. Nutritional coach: You are definitely what you eat. By submitting to the program, you agree to follow nutrition guidelines and healthy recipes.

3. Body technology: And of course, aesthetics counts in this regard. Women or anyone who does it must face eight cosmetic sessions that include pressotherapy, electrostimulation and thermotherapy. The hated cellulite and sagging will be reduced.

By following functional training and boxing routines, you accelerate your basal metabolism, thus burning calories up to 12 hours after completing the exercises. It is really surprising! Take into account that if this method arrives in your country soon, you should not follow it if you have cardiovascular problems. In any case, consult your doctor better before giving YES to CHALLENGE48.

This is proof that you don't need gym machines to reduce your body fat.

Look at one of the exercises:

And this one:

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