Is The Electrostimulation Vest Really Useful For Losing Weight?

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Is The Electrostimulation Vest Really Useful For Losing Weight?
Is The Electrostimulation Vest Really Useful For Losing Weight?
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When it comes to losing weight, any exercise, diet, or even medication is welcome. In recent years, muscle electrostimulation (EMS) has become very fashionable, a technique that the BBC explains uses adequate electrical current to cause muscle contraction similar to the impulses sent by the central nervous system to control the actions of muscles. Specifically, it is a vest with electrodes that covers the body, which is connected to a machine with different training programs.

For its part, El Confidencial Digital explains that it is the use of devices that, through electrical impulses, cause muscle contractions and, as a consequence, an effect similar to that obtained if you exercise your muscles.

By applying this technique, users obtain advantages such as increasing muscle tone, improving flaccidity by increasing volume, strength and endurance.

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Pedro García, expert in the technique, confirmed to the portal that losing weight is possible with the electrostimulation vest as long as you are consistent in healthy eating and exercise regularly.

Myths and truths

1.MYTH: While you enjoy a good rest on the sofa, you will lose weight

"It is not true what they say there is no need for additional work," said Francisco Sánchez, physical trainer to the BBC.

The professional says that it is a strong stimulus in general that allows the whole body to activate, burn some calories and generate testosterone, but you also need to stimulate it and you cannot do it lying on a bed or sofa.

“You gain momentum, strength, muscular endurance, but never sitting. You have to follow a posture routine and everything will depend on the objective you are looking for,”instructor Fernando Troyansky explained to this same media outlet.

2. TRUTH: Allows you to do directed work

Troyansky gave as an example that for many years he was a professional soccer player and that he was a great help to recover from injuries. If you are a girl who practices athletics or any other sport, you will know that injuries are very common. If you suffer from any, you already know which method to use.

3. MYTH: You lose weight

They reiterate it, because by itself it will not rid you of those extra kilos. If you want to see real results, you need to diet, stop consuming junk food, drink more than eight glasses of water a day, go for a walk, run or swim.

“You will notice changes because it shapes your body. That is one of the reasons why this training system has become so popular, "said Troyansky.

4. TRUTH: It is not for every day

It works as a different way of training, especially for those people with little time. It is very beneficial because up to 400 muscles are worked simultaneously.

Be careful

Not all people can undergo this treatment to lose weight. Experts warn that it damages the fibers of the body if it is not used correctly. Men and women with pacemakers, epilepsy, pregnant women or any application on the abdominal area should not use it.

Those who have undergone hernia or abdomen operations, who have high levels of uric acid or who suffer from diabetes, hypertension or obesity must also abstain.

Learn more about this method in the following video:

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