The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fasting

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fasting
The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fasting
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Stopping eating can be seen as contradictory behavior, close to the unnatural. However, throughout history fasting has played a fundamental role in both physical and spiritual health. In all the religions with the largest number of practitioners, it is a common response to find a state of calm that allows solving problems, and can also represent a specific intention of reconciliation and praise to the divinity.

There is a difference between stopping eating to lose weight quickly as a recurring behavior and fasting during a specific period of the year to help your system recharge, regulate metabolism and, by the way, get lighter. When you stop eating for a long and unusual period, a reaction similar to a shock is generated in your body that causes the alerts to turn on and the organs of the systems that are responsible for processing food and removing toxins have to work harder to find energy sources. If you abuse these states, you are putting your health and the well-being of your body at stake, an invaluable vehicle.

Several scientific studies have investigated the effects of drastic low calories and what is known as the state of ketosis, when cells begin to transform fat by finding carbohydrate deficits in metabolism, as a way to treat specific cases of cancer.. These states are induced with specific diets that are known as ketogenic and seek to simulate the effect of fasting.

Consult an expert

There is no one formula that works for everyone. So if you want to try cleansing through fasting, first consult a health professional and take the appropriate tests to find out if it is what you need. Each body works in a different way and it is important that you are prepared and inform yourself in advance about what are the normal symptoms of a detoxification process. Ask the expert about the consequences. Depending on the level of toxins in the body, it is common to experience headaches, skin breakouts, or dizziness; they are effects of the healing crisis and indicators of what speed works best for you. An expert can also help you customize the fast according to your goals.

Know the patterns of your body

One of the most important benefits of creating a withdrawal situation is that it gives you an opportunity to listen to your body. What kind of food do you want? What time do your cravings come in? When do you get low energy? How do you handle anxiety? Fasting is a way to investigate and have a little distance from the action of eating, something that seems automatic, but it is not, so you can adjust the places where the patterns do not benefit your health. It is also a vehicle for you to identify the quality of your thoughts. How do you treat yourself when you have a goal and feel difficult? Do you motivate yourself with discipline and respect for your body or with negative pressure and fear? See what works best and how much you obey what you hear.

Define a time

Following a meal schedule is a golden rule of healthy eating. Not eating also follows specific time criteria that have to do with the purpose, the reactions and the type of metabolism. If you have consistent eating habits, it is important that you define the number of days and always choose the same period in the year; this way the body and the mind will be in tune more easily. Spring is a good season for detoxification. The end of summer too. In the winter it is a little more complex because the extra calories are needed to maintain body temperature. If your purpose is more spiritual, you can stick to the closest guidelines. Christians, for example, stop eating red meat on Fridays for forty days before Easter. In Ramadan,Muslims take a month of food and drink fasting in which the rules only apply during the day and eat again at night. If you have a fast metabolism and a balanced diet, a reset day may be all you need. If you are on the side of excesses, you may need more time to cleanse the physical body and expel toxins in a regulated way, without causing an unnecessary overflow of your system.without this implying an unnecessary overflow of your system.without this implying an unnecessary overflow of your system.

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Moderate activity

One of the benefits of fasting is that the senses are sharpened and some people feel more present and focused. Other times they may feel fatigued and irritable. The energy you have on fasting days varies by the minute, and is limited. The body is going through an intense process and there is no need for you to push it to extremes. Try to moderate social gatherings and physical activities and, above all, to rest. In this way your organs can use the withdrawal time to focus on their functions and polish the mechanisms to reserve energy.

Drink plenty of fluids

In order for toxins and excesses to leave the body easily, it is important that you drink water when you feel thirsty, especially if you are fasting in hot weather, to stay alert because you do not want to confuse the body by adding dehydration. It is better that the water is at room temperature and that you do not consume ice. It is also preferable that the drinks are simple and do not contain sugar; so it is better not to drink juices. Some traditions complement fasting and support the detoxification process with teas or medicinal herbs. Check with your expert to find out which ones are best for you.

Keep an intention

Regardless of your religion or spiritual practice, dedicating the break and the process that fasting gives you to a cause or a person can help you in times of hunger, when you need external motivation. When done, it's a nice reward. Some traditions in India and Japan use fasting for times

of transition. They say it can help you make decisions, turn the page in a process, and that it works as a kind of ritual to create a before and after. It is also a time to value and evaluate how to relate to food and energy sources, to feel compassion for those who are hungry and to thank for the abundance of resources in life.

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