15 Minute Routine To Have Perfect Abs And Glutes (VIDEO)

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15 Minute Routine To Have Perfect Abs And Glutes (VIDEO)
15 Minute Routine To Have Perfect Abs And Glutes (VIDEO)
Video: 15 Minute Routine To Have Perfect Abs And Glutes (VIDEO)
Video: Flat Belly and Round Booty Workout | 15 mins No Equipment 2023, February

Girls, you don't have to spend all day doing boring abs to have a grade 10 abs. And is that having a flat stomach, in addition to looking very sexy, is healthy. The genetics of all women behave differently; however, most of them tend to accumulate fat in this area of ​​the body, in addition to hips, thighs and buttocks.

The accumulation of fat in the abdomen is really dangerous, said Dr. Arthur Agatston in an article published by El Nuevo Herald in 2014. He mentioned that this condition increases the risk that you suffer from high blood pressure, contract heart disease and diabetes. For his part, Dr. Ronald Golberg, a professor of medicine at the University of Miami, said that when fat increases in the abdominal area, the tissues become stressed and inflamed, causing them to become damaged over time.


Specialists mention that women begin to accumulate fat in the abdomen after 40 years; However, this is relative since you already see those in their 20s and 30s struggling to reduce that appearance. What's more, be careful and you are not one of them, which pretend that your waist is not greater than 34.64 inches, otherwise complications could come.

Reducing fat in the abdomen and buttocks is possible with a good diet and exercise. First we will talk about the second habit, which gives you energy, as well as helps you have a better physical appearance.

Blogger Paty Jordan put together a 15-minute routine to free you from that factor that damages both your health and does not make you look like a fit girl. Follow her!

Tips for healthy eating

There is a phrase that says "you are what you eat" and it is true. If you maintain a diet rich in carbohydrates, it will show in your body and is the least you want. As delicious as the cupcakes are, you have to learn to abstain if you really want your belly and buttocks to be in good shape.

To achieve this, we already mentioned the importance of exercising and now we give you some simple, but important guidelines that you need to comply with:

- Avoid consuming salt.

-Make sure you drink at least two liters of water a day.

-Choose to consume whole grains like wheat and oats. Remove from your menu foods made with white flour and replace it with wholemeal. The bread you eat must also meet these characteristics.

-Begin by gradually removing the sugar; for example, accompany your meals with a glass of water before with sugary soft drinks. In any case, if you love fruit juices, do not add sugar or any other substitute for it.

-Forget about the supermarket's freezer chamber and spend more time in the kitchen. Prepare varied and fresh dishes such as salads, steamed vegetables, fish … Substitute lean red meat; that is, chicken or turkey.

-Take half a glass of warm water with a lemon in the morning.

-Substitute cow's milk for Greek yogurt without sugar, which provides healthy bacteria, cares for your digestion and strengthens the intestinal flora.

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