How To Round And Sexy Your Glutes With Avocado (VIDEO)

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How To Round And Sexy Your Glutes With Avocado (VIDEO)
How To Round And Sexy Your Glutes With Avocado (VIDEO)
Video: How To Round And Sexy Your Glutes With Avocado (VIDEO)
Video: Hourglass Workout | Round Booty | Chloe x The Glute Guy 2023, February

Eggs, legumes, nuts, carbohydrates, skim dairy and now even avocados are foods that cannot be missed in your healthy diet if your purpose is to have round and sexy glutes. Specifically, this last green "meat" fruit is a must because, according to the Mayo Clinic, protein consumption causes your buttocks to increase considerably.

In addition to following the 10-minute routine to lift the buttocks at home, now you also have to increase the consumption of avocado, which you can eat for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch or dinner. What's more, it is so versatile that it is recommended to replace the oil you cook with with a piece of this green fruit, or add it in soups or even desserts.

Salud180 specialists help us reveal why this rich fruit that accompanies your toasts at breakfast or dinner salad rounds out your glutes in just 30 days. Is seriously?

Other properties

1. Being rich in vitamin E, they delay aging; that is, the appearance of expression lines.

2. Its Omega 3 takes care of the cardiovascular system by preventing the accumulation of bad fats, as it contains monounsaturated fats.

3. It has a high content of vitamin A, vital to have a clear vision, keep the immune system, the reproductive system, heart, lungs and kidneys in shape.


4. By eating it regularly, you gain vitamin D, ideal for keeping bones strong, as it absorbs calcium from them.

5. The body by itself does not have a significant amount of vitamin K; however, the avocado gives it to you. This vitamin helps the blood to clot correctly when you suffer from any cut, burn or wound, says the site Adelgaza20.

6. In addition, it contains B vitamins such as:

-B1: Transforms sugar, conducts nerve impulses, as well as helps metabolism to occur properly.

-B2: Transforms food into energy, absorbs proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

-B3: Removes toxic products from the body and produces steroid hormones.

-B5: It is essential for metabolism, as well as for the synthesis of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the body.

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-B6: Promotes the growth, reproduction and conservation of body cells. The scarce presence of it in your body leads to heart disease, stroke, arteriosclerosis, prostate cancer in men and brain malfunction in children and adults.


7. Pregnant women should eat it regularly because of its high content of folic acid, important to avoid malformations in babies.

8. It has more potassium than bananas and also fiber, which regulates blood sugar.

Follow this simple, but wise advice to eat avocado regularly and you could soon be showing off a Jennifer Lopez, Thalía or even Kim Kardashian-style butt.

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