How To Lower The Calories Of Your Favorite Desserts

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How To Lower The Calories Of Your Favorite Desserts
How To Lower The Calories Of Your Favorite Desserts
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The summer season is approaching and we all want to look great to show off our bodies on vacation. For this reason, many of us go on a diet and restrict many foods and meals. And of course, the first sacrificed is the DESSERT. Yes, friends, dessert is like our enemy that we can not even approach. This time, we want to help them to enjoy these delicious dishes without much remorse of conscience. We have chosen to put 5 delicious desserts on a diet, yes, yes, on a diet! Next, we tell you how to modify some desserts so that they have fewer calories and that you can continue enjoying them.


If you like traditional rice pudding, but are self-conscious about the calories in the rice, don't worry. We suggest that you do it with brown rice instead of regular. Of course, even if it is a little lighter, we recommend that you take a small portion so that they do not exceed 300 calories. But better little than nothing, right?


One of the best ways to lower calories is to make desserts without sugar or with as little as possible. That is why this recipe is ideal, since all the ingredients of traditional cookies can be changed for others a little less caloric. Use to make the cookies: oatmeal, sweetener (very little) and fine whole flour and add the rest of the traditional ingredients. A perfect snack, for the moment when they get hungry. Of course, so that we do not exceed 300 calories, they cannot eat more than 2.

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When you are dieting, do you dream of eating a chocolate mousse? Well, don't dream about it anymore and get down to work to make a delicious low-calorie chocolate mousse. To do this, they just have to take the recipe and make some small modifications. We recommend that you use 70% dark chocolate, as this is the one with the fewest calories of all the existing chocolates. Also, they can use plain 0% plain yogurt instead of plain and sweetener instead of sugar, and in a small amount. And we already have it! A delicious low calorie dessert ready to enjoy.


Drinking ice cream can be kind of taboo on some diets. But of course, we can always find a suitable alternative to enjoy it without regrets. For this, we can make ice cream with 0% skimmed yogurt and a little sweetener suitable for diets. Ideal for those who are very sweet.


If you are not one of those who likes sweets very much, but on the contrary they love flan, you are in luck, because you will be able to enjoy this delicious dessert just by changing some ingredients. All they have to do is use light gelatin, skim milk, and liquid sweetener instead of the ingredients in the original recipe. And that's it! Ready to enjoy it.

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