5 Ways To Strengthen Your Bones

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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Bones
5 Ways To Strengthen Your Bones
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Our skeletons weaken over time, but can you do something to prevent it and fight diseases like osteoporosis? In reality, much of the success of strong bones is in your hands:

Take care of your diet

Eat more foods with calcium and less sodium. The body needs calcium to digest animal protein, so you must limit the amount you eat to preserve that mineral.

Do exercises

High impact physical activities such as tennis, basketball and running are the ones that strengthen the bones the most. Strength exercises that build muscle also increase bone density.

Do not smoke

Women who smoke have lower estrogen levels and reach menopause earlier, which accelerates the loss of bone mass.

Determine your risk

A bone mineral density test can show you whether or not your bones are weak, and your doctor may take this into account with other factors such as your age and family history.

Do not drink too much

If you like to drink, don't go over two drinks a day. Excessive alcohol consumption hinders calcium absorption and slows down bone formation.

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