6 Types Of Overweight And Why They Are

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6 Types Of Overweight And Why They Are
6 Types Of Overweight And Why They Are

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Overweight and obesity are manifested in your body by the increase in body weight due to excessive accumulation of fat due to the greater consumption of food required according to your age, sex, physical activity and physiological state.

Some of the factors that contribute to you being overweight or obese are:

- The modification of your diet, with the tendency to eat foods rich in fat and sugars, but with few vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients.

- Little or no physical activity.

- Thyroid problems.

- If you come from overweight parents, you are 10 times more likely to be too.

To better understand this disease and find better treatments to combat it, Siempre Mujer found very valuable information in La Vida Lucida about the types of overweight according to science.

The researchers who conducted the study examined more than 4,100 obese people; all had a body mass index of over 30 and a mean age of 56 years. 58% were women and the BMI was 34.

We explain the 6 types of overweight and obesity that determined this group of specialists.

1. For food

This type of obesity is the most common in the world. Excessive intake of foods such as junk food, which contains trans fat, prevents the body from natural digestion. In addition, those who suffer from it consume foods with high sugar content. You will notice that you suffer from this disease because the fat will accumulate in your upper extremities and in the upper part of your body.


- Reduce the amount of food.

- Do physical activity at least 30 minutes a day.

- If it is an advanced obesity, you need to visit a nutritionist.

2. From the nervous stomach

The main causes are: stress, anxiety and depression. If you identify with this type of overweight, it is because you consume sweets, sweets and other products with a lot of sugar, in order to mitigate emotional deficiency. Fat will accumulate in your middle body area.


- Control stress and anxiety.

- Release stress through exercise and also, you will lose weight.

3. For gluten

It occurs more regularly in women in stages such as adolescence, menopause and when they face an emotional imbalance. If this is your case, avoid consuming alcohol and smoking. You will notice that fat accumulates in your middle area, legs and buttocks.


- Avoid products made with gluten.

- Do exercises with weights.

4. Metabolic

People who have it have a bloated belly like a balloon and it is known as atherogenic metabolic obesity. One of the causes may be alcohol consumption or also due to respiratory problems. It is common to note that "you appear to be pregnant."


- Eliminate the consumption of fats and sugars such as desserts, breads, caramels and cakes.

- Do not consume fast foods.

- Add protein to your diet.

5. Hereditary

Scientists claim that genetic factors are responsible for this type of overweight, since genes participate in the regulation of body weight. Fat tends to accumulate in the lower area, such as the hips and legs.


- Balanced diet.

- Exercise.

6. Due to inactivity

Those areas that were previously very active due to physical exercises are affected. Fat accumulates in the abdomen.


- Do not stop eating for very long periods, this way you will speed up your metabolism.

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