What The Color Of Your Urine Says About Your Health

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What The Color Of Your Urine Says About Your Health
What The Color Of Your Urine Says About Your Health

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You go to the bathroom, urinate and throw away the chain immediately without looking at what color your urine is. We know this because it has happened to us thousands of times, but doctors always warn how essential it is to know the hue of this liquid-generated residue. What's more, according to the Best Health website, urine originates after filtering through the kidneys, after this process a mixture of water and toxins reaches the bladder that the body does not need and therefore discards.

To help you recognize if your health is okay - at least through urine - we've done a little research to figure out and give you an idea of ​​what it means for your urine to be clear, yellow, or even caramel-colored.



If your urine is light in color, it is a sign that you are well hydrated. When you are in the habit of drinking eight glasses of water a day or more, the kidneys thank you because they have more capacity to filter urine and this makes their color tend to be almost transparent.

Intense yellow

It's a symptom to watch out for and it means you're not drinking enough fluids. When this happens it is because there is a greater accumulation of toxins and you need to increase the consumption of drinks that promote hydration to get rid of what your body does not need. Experts point out that this coloration could also appear due to excessive sweating; that is, after doing sports or even doing a job where you need to use your strength.


Dark yellow

Not everything is going so well! Dark yellow urine tells you that it is time to go to the doctor, because you could be suffering from jaundice, a disease that makes your skin and eyes turn yellow. It occurs due to excess bilirubin, says MedlinePlus, while you feel generally tired.

Brown or caramel

How much importance do you give to the functioning of your kidneys? This organ, the size of a fist and whose shape resembles that of a bean, is in charge of filtering and eliminating toxins such as urea, creatinine, phosphorus and potassium, which when evacuated from your body promote good functioning of your body. However, when one or both begin to fail, problems begin, such as brown urine.

When this happens it is because there is a possibility that your kidneys are inflamed and that there are small amounts of blood in your urine. It is even possible that you have kidney stones and some of them are obstructing the path, causing you to bleed and show it in your urine. If it is a problem in this organ, you are probably suffering from some pain.



For what is this? Too much vitamin C! You get this mineral from fruits and vegetables such as orange, papaya, kiwi, guava, broccoli, tomato, among others. If that happens to you, reduce your intake for at least five days. Never remove them entirely. If you want a more accurate diagnosis, visit your trusted doctor.


It indicates two things: the first, it can be an indicator of blood presence and your doctor must be aware of it; And the second, nothing to be alarmed about if in the last days in your healthy diet you have included a significant amount of beets, blackberries or any other food with this hue.

Blue or green

Oh oh! Do not panic, not necessarily something is wrong but rather it is the result of some medicine that you are taking. BUT, the possibility that you suffer from an infection or serious illness is latent.


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