Goodbye To The Belly! The 3 Exercises To Do At Home And Show Off A Marked Belly (VIDEO)

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Goodbye To The Belly! The 3 Exercises To Do At Home And Show Off A Marked Belly (VIDEO)
Goodbye To The Belly! The 3 Exercises To Do At Home And Show Off A Marked Belly (VIDEO)
Video: Goodbye To The Belly! The 3 Exercises To Do At Home And Show Off A Marked Belly (VIDEO)
Video: LOSE BELLY FAT IN 7 DAYS Challenge | Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week At Home | Cult Fit | CureFit 2023, February

When you strive to lose weight, the first area you think of is the abdomen. Of course, the belly is the part of your body that most leaves you in evidence when you have gained weight. But why is it that fat accumulates here?

You will be surprised to know that emotions such as sadness, loneliness and anxiety have a lot to do with it. Larissa García, a specialist from the Mexican Psychoanalytic Society, told Salud180 that fat works as a protection against external aggressions. For example, anxiety is a feeling that whets your appetite, so the answer is to choose more fatty foods. Even John Hoebel, a Princeton University researcher, claims that food works as an anxiety reliever, similar to what happens when heroin is consumed.

Another feeling with which you tend to increase in size is stress. Columbia University confirmed in one of its studies that women with post-traumatic stress are more likely to be overweight and obese.

When you present this type of emotion, you usually resort to increasing the intake of foods rich in fat and chocolate, which produce endocanabinoids, a substance similar to marijuana, which sends a signal to the brain so that you continue consuming it without limits.


So what should I do to reduce my belly?

Include the following foods in your healthy diet and, of course, follow the 3-exercise routine that we will give you later.

1. Green apple: The reason apples, especially green apples, are good for burning fat is because they are rich in nutrients, vitamin C, flavonoids, and beta-carotene. Of course, for you to notice results you have to eat between two and three a day. To make you want to eat them, you can alternate one in the morning and blend the rest to form a natural juice. Delicious!

2. Banana: Do you know how many calories a banana has? From 75 to 130, that is, nothing. It will be very useful as a mid-morning snack, since they reduce that feeling of wanting to snack on something, in addition to providing your body with potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamins.

3. Celery: Now you will understand why most weight loss shakes include celery. And it is that this vegetable provides vitamin C and calcium, ideal to eliminate the fat that accumulates in the belly.

4. Seafood: This type of food from the sea is delicious, but its price is not very affordable for everyone. Even if your pocket does not give you to eat them every day, try not to miss your meals at least three times a week because the fat they have is monounsaturated, which prevents it from accumulating in your body.

5. Avocados: I could eat them every day! With bread for breakfast, salad for lunch and fillings for dinner, so many healthy and delicious options to eat them.

By containing oleic acid, they delay the feeling of hunger. In addition, they are rich in fiber, suitable for speeding up the metabolism and having a flat stomach. Of course, it will allow you to do it if you do not exceed yourself by consuming them. Eat one a day.

3 exercises … and out belly

In addition to applying the above tips and showing off your flat stomach, you need to follow this Ana Mojica exercise routine. In 15 minutes a day you will notice that the fat in this area says goodbye to your body. Willing?

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